Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Yarn Along....Ice and Snow

Our weather has been typical for North Texas.  We had a few weeks of unseasonably warm days and now the last two have been sheets of ice.  There has been no school.  Snow is expected this morning, but only time will tell.  Another day at home would not bother me:)

The secret knitting is growing.  I placed a towel underneath in the photo.  I wasn't sure if the yarn would adhere to the ice or not.  Better safe.......  I have no containers large enough to photograph it in, so now I will look for other unusual spaces.  I've always loved the thought other bloggers put into their knitting photos.  That is not a strength of mine, but I'm going to try.

After finishing The Pink Suit last week I still had a reading appetite for royalty. The American Heiress has been on my bookshelf for a few years.  I think one of the girls left it here.  It has been another fun read.  No language or explicit sexual references to deal with.  Good, clean, reading.

On the wedding front......invitations were ordered yesterday.  A little more drama than I thought, but it is all done.  And they will be beautiful:)

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Ice.....Day Two

The temps are still well below freezing today.  Some are venturing out to work.  Mr. Golfer made the trip in as well.  I'm always unsettled when he is determined to get to the office on these unpredictable days.  Most people here just don't know how to drive on these icy roads.  But when you are the business owner.....time is money:( I didn't make the trip in with him.  He won't be there very long.

On top of these two days of  ice, we are expecting 4-6 inches of snow tonight and into tomorrow morning.  It seems like in the last 3-4 years all of our cold weather has come at one time.  We are out of school for sometimes a week and then it is all over for the year.  I don't know which is better or worse.  It just is.

I never have difficulty deciding how to spend days like these.  It is always a gift to have a respite from the usual day.  Today I am going to do some deep cleaning in a couple of rooms.  I'm going to try to play around with the flower girls dresses.  Laying out the fabric and looking at the grain and so forth.  Hopefully another good Netflix movie:).  Have you seen the newest release of Jane Eyre?  Oh my it is good.  I've actually watched it several times. I'm also reading The American Heiress.  British aristocracy has long been a fascination and when you toss an American into it the complications are  intriguing.

There is also chicken thawing for my favorite Chicken Divan Soup.  Isn't it just natural to want to have soup simmering on a cold day?

I've also ventured out to take some photos of my knitting on the ice.  Just thinking that it would be a great picture for Yarn Along tomorrow.

Enough of the ramblings today.  Stay warm!

The American Heiress

Monday, February 23, 2015

Reinventing Continues

My oldest grandson, Patrick, attends preK at one of our Catholic schools.  Each year there is a fundraiser and classes contribute a project to be bid on at the auction.  I have become friends with two of the young mothers and we are working together on the project.  A quilt that will contain squares from all the children.

Today I cut all those squares and thought back to the days I did this as a mother.  Never did I think I would be doing it as grandmother.

When I began this blog I was concentrating on how to mother grown daughters.  That in itself is a challenge.  But now, how to be grandmother to school age grandchildren.  To not step on toes, but be helpful at the same time.  What a fine line to walk and balance on.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Changes...Weather and Life!

This has been a crazy winter here in North Texas.  By this time we have normally had one or two episodes of snow and/or ice.  In the last few years those episodes have turned into freak weeks of ice. Literally being home bound for days with ice covered roads.

This year.....nothing......until now.  Currently it's 42 degrees, but by this evening it is predicted to be 27 and sleet will begin.  By tomorrow we are predicted to be under 1/2 inch of ice.  Problem is....we have a wedding to be at this evening.  We shall see.

On this first Sunday of Lent, the readings are teaching us about temptation. It is so easy to try to see Jesus on our terms instead of His.  To bring Him down to our level instead of  us up to His.  There is temptation to use prayer for bargaining power.  The greatest lesson we learn from Jesus is that he did not "fool around" with temptation.  He understood obedience to His Father's will.  This is where I struggle constantly.  Even though I am reading and studying about that obedience every day in my lessons, my humanity is always under seige.

These past days of Lent I have been attending daily mass.  A friend and I have set this goal before us and I believe this week we are going to try to include the 7:30 am rosary before mass as well.  It is certainly making a difference in how I begin and conduct my day.

But my days are changing.  My husband's office has gone through some drastic upheaval this past few weeks.  He has been on his own for 25 years, but shares space with 2 other attorneys.  This past week, because the building owner would not do some requested renovations, the other attorneys moved to another space and took all the shared office help with them.  It has left Mr. Golfer in a bind until we can find the right person to come in.  So you guessed it....... 3 mornings a week I am now going to be at the office.  It's not really ideal for me, but necessary.

So Drawstrings is being turned over to my oldest daughter for a while.  She has been helping me since the fall and is extremely capable in running the business for a while.  If you have questions about orders you can continue to go through me and I will pass along to her.

I will still be in this space.  Putting my thoughts down here has become a blessing.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Yarn Along

Continuing on the secret knitting.  I keep looking for larger bowls each week to place it in:))). I have
2 1/2 skeins left and then I will bind off.  In other words I'm  knitting until I run out of yarn!

I finally found a book that captures my attention and I couldn't put it down. Isn't that the way it goes? I finished it in 3 days.  The Pink Suit is full of wonderful sewing references and also Catholicism.  I didn't know that when I checked it out.  The the main character works for a famous design house that sews for the First Lady, Jaqueline Kennedy.  Now you know where I am going?  The pink suit is obviously the suit she was wearing when the president was shot and the story takes you through its construction and the life of this young woman.  Fictional, it is close to detail of the events, and since I live in the DFW area this part of history is close to my heart.

Offering up prayers on this Ash Wednesday for those suffering from the intense cold and snow!

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