Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas and Wedding Planning

I really have so much to write, but only time to sit and pound out a few words and add a picture.  Christmas is upon us here as well as where you are.  Caitlin and Zach left Wisconsin this morning and should arrive tomorrow night.  I can't wait!  

But wedding plans are still moving along.  The bride-to-be and I picked up a special dress today and did a little looking.  It involved a hectic trip to Dallas.  One of the bridesmaids works at Neiman Marcus and although that is not on my regular shopping rotation, with her discount we have scored a lovely 
"going away" dress  and my MOB dress.

So I leave you for a couple of days with a picture captured this morning of my baby girl and me.  We don't get these pics too often:)))

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Yarn Along

One sock is complete!  The other is in the works.  I'm not sure they will be complete for Christmas, but I'm not worrying about that.  This Advent has been about people and not as much about knitting.  Oh it goes with me everyday, and I work a little here and there, but the people around me need me more right now.
Christmas preparation are underway.  Caitlin and her special guy arrive Saturday and I am super excited!  A pantry needs stocking and some last minute sewing needs to be finished. It will get done.  I have pulled myself out of all obligations this week in order to concentrate on my own family and home.  There will be 13 of us here Christmas Day and that takes planning:)))

I am doing a little reading  this week.  I love Jan Karon and this volume is full of Christmas Spirit!

And big news at Drawstrings! There will be an after Christmas sale you won't want to miss!  Keep watch here and on the Facebook page for the discounts.

I don't know if  Ginny will do a Yarn Along next week, so if not let me wish each of you the merriest Christmas!


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Here Comes Santa Claus.......

This was the first year to get to join in with the grandchildren and Santa.  Our daughter Julia's neighborhood hires a Santa each year to visit the children. We all gatherd about 30 minutes before his arrival to make sure the children don't see his entrance. The neighbor hosting had light food and beverages for the adults and we really enjoyed meeting new friends.

Santa arrived with a jingle of bells and the children came running!  I am amazed at the resemblance of the man to his role.  His beard was real but accented with a longer one.  He had a deep but gentle voice and the children responded very well.  They were excited to sit on his lap and give him their wish.  There was time for families to gather for pictures as well.

Patrick was very anxious to participate and it was so fun to watch his face.  Evelyn was very confident as well.  She voiced her wishes very straightforward for a 3 year old.  Lilah was shy and reluctant. That didn't surprise me. She has a timid side.  But Rachel!  Oh my!  The classic crying with Santa picture.

Each parent had brought a wrapped book for their child and they had been placed in Santa's bag before he entered.  The children's eyes lit up when there gift was pulled from the bag with their name on it.

I'm so thankful to have had this day.  Another part of " this is my Advent":))))

One Down, One to Go!

One foot is warm, the other not so much!  I don't think I will get the second finished by Christmas Day.  Thankfully Christmas lasts much longer than one day!

Friday, December 12, 2014

My Advent

All of my Catholic life, all 35 years, I have learned and listened to others about what Advent is supposed to be.  I hear and read about quiet times.  Prayer times.  Listening to God times.  And although I do spend time each morning in prayer and reading scripture, my Advent is anything but quiet.  In fact I think as it approaches, the message becomes full speed ahead!

I was visiting with 2 young mothers at my grandson's school.  We meet each afternoon for pick up.  They are so cute and we just jabber away to each other.  We were talking about Advent and what our impressions were.  All nodded when the above expectations were mentioned.

But later in the day, it caught me.  Who really ever said that Advent had a particular course?  My Advent has been spent taking care of grandchildren while their mother was ill with the flu.  Taking grandchildren for flu shots so they wouldn't get the flu!  Doing homework and giving baths so tired mothers wouldn't have to after a long day at work.  Going on field trips to build memories.  My Advent has been full of what it should be for me and I am grateful beyond measure to be able to be these hands for my daughters.

There was a time not long ago when I was still angry over the loss of my job.  Angry because of the loss of income and especially the loss of health insurance.  But as always, God's wisdom is sovereign and he knew where he wanted me.  This is my Advent.