Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Yarn Along..Breaking Silence

I'm taking just a moment to share my weekly Yarn Along during this Holy Week.  Really not much change and not much more progress.  We have had a week full of wedding planning so the knitting took a little back seat.  I snapped a few photos and all the info is contained in previous posts.

I wish each of you a week of blessings and a most joyous Easter!

Monday, March 30, 2015

A Quiet Week

It's Holy Week and I'm stepping away from the blog this week.  I hope each of you are blessed with a week of peace. We are focusing here on the Passion of our Lord and keeping our hearts close to home and those we love.

I did attend my oldest grandson's first t-ball game of the year yesterday.  I'll leave you with a few pictures of he and his sister.  That red hair.......

Christ's Peace to All!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Yarn Along...Lost Knitting

I did.  I lost my knitting.  Bag and all. I have taken cars apart, called every place I was on Saturday, and looked in every nook an cranny in this house.  Friends, it is gone.  I'm stumped and very sad.  The bag contained the second part of the secret knitting.  I was only about 10 rows in, but my new, beautiful stitch markers were all through the stitches.

So..what did I do?  Well... I began the project again, but this time I used a different yarn ( Knit Picks Shine).  It was what I had and the color will work just as well as the previous blue.  I purchased new stitch markers as well.  I love these!!!! I have used tons of markers, but these are now my very favorite stitch markers. They open like a safety pin so you can insert them as you knit or put them into select stitches.

So if you are out and about and you come across this bag......

Monday, March 23, 2015

Weeds,Leaves and Humility

In online spaces we tend to only want to show the pretty, positive, and the good. We want to show our best and beautiful.  This time of year my yard is anything but pretty or beautiful.  The flowers are budding, but the weeds are popping up all over and that  wicked tree in the front yard is dropping leaves everywhere.  The garden is not a pretty sight. Just like my heart.

This morning after mass I went to confession. I was able to have a nice long time with our priest.  As young as he is, he has some great insight.  When I arrived home the sun had opened up and I took some moments to capture these pictures.  As I was shooting these pictures it dawned on me the similarity to my confession these weeds and leaves are.

We don't want others to see the ugly or bad.  It's humbling to show our weaknesses....in our yards or in our hearts.Yet if we don't humble ourselves before each other are we really humbling ourselves before God.  Aren't they the same?  Can we confess our sins and still be proud among our fellow man?  My heart says no.

So this year as I pull the weeds and sweep the leaves I'm going to also clean my heart as well as my garden.  Frequent confession, daily mass and and continuing to offer love to those around me.  I've never had this opportunity before and I believe God has called me to this time.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Easter For My Granddaughters

I wish I had the trunks in front of me for you to see.  They are at my oldest daughters's house and they are full of all the smocked dresses my girls wore as they were growing.  I thought the memories were over and the littles would never wear them, so imagine my surprise and joy when not one, but two daughters said the granddaughters would be wearing smocked dresses for Easter.

The oldest daughter chose 2 of a 4 dress set made many years ago while I recoverred from emergency surgery.  My second daughter asked if I would pleat a dress for her so she could smock.  Both caused me to hold my breath for a few minutes.  I thought it would never happen!

That top picture is my two oldest granddaughters and then you can see the original picture from 1992.

Last night I spent hours trying to remember how to pleat.  The needles in the pleater were over 20 years old and I broke 16 of them last night!  It took me 5 tries to get the dress ready and each time I remembered something from long ago. Not as easy as riding a bike:(