Sunday, March 31, 2013


This is what I see as I write today.  God's glory!  Happy Easter to all!  He has risen!!

Easter and all other holidays are constantly evolving in our house.  We have had two daughters marry and another now has a serious guy.  In the re-inventing process, I have had to learn and am still learning the art of compromise.  Used to having my daughters with me for all events, that is not happening any longer.  So today was another first as we tried to fit schedules so that everyone sees everyone!
But leading up to today, I accomplished something that has taken me years to do.  Let me  preface that with the fact that I am not a fabulous cook.  My family has survived and grown, so at least I was able to provide nourishment, but I really just don't like to cook.  My mother wasn't a great cook and didn't teach me much about it.  So....onto the fact that when my husband was growing up his mother always made a Lamb Cake at Easter.  It was a Czech tradition.  When she passed, I inherited the lamb cake mold and have tried every year to successfully bake the cake.  Couldn't do it.  The heads always fell off.  One year I made 3! Every head fell off. 
This year I read another blog where they talked about reinforcing the ears and then letting the cake cool for several hours.  Hmmmm....
Success from the pan has never been a problem.  The issue comes when I stand it up and begin to ice.  So I reinforced the ears with toothpicks and then let him cool most of the day. And.....

My first Lamb Cake!!!  You can't imagine how excited I was!  And they ate it!!!!
So enough about the cooking.  We decided to have everyone gather here at 8 am so all the cousins could hunt eggs together and then go to Mass as a family.  Nothing makes me happier than having my family in Mass. 
Some were not quite dressed when they arrived.  Patrick and Rachel have been sick the last few days and they have a very tired Mommy.
It started to rain as they little ones were hunting eggs, so we had to gather up what was left and move them inside. ( Please ignore the garden.  Now that I am full time grandmother 4 days a week I have had not much time in the yard)
Now that everyone has returned to their homes I sit in the quiet and here is what I see.  God's glory!
The message today is that every day is Easter.  We see Jesus in every moment and in every grace.  Take the glory of today and breathe it in each day.  Let it find a home in your heart, so that with each pulsing beat, it consumes you.  You become the glory.
Happy Easter!




  1. Beautiful post and beautiful grandchildren! If you were able to get all of your family together for an egg hunt and mass, then you really accomplished a lot! Sounds like a fun day.