Saturday, March 23, 2013

My favorite room.

I am fortunate that after our daughters left home, I had a room that could be my space.  In fact, Mr. Golfer and I each have a room that we can use for our individual hobbies. 

I began sewing on my grandmother's 1960 Singer.  One of the last metal models made. I have progressed over the years to my second Bernina.  This one has a embroidery module and I have used it to monogram many burp diapers and bags over the years.
All my girls know how to sew!  I wish there was still Home Economics taught in schools.  Oh how we do a diservice to young women.



I have taught myself how to cross stitch, needlepoint, smock, quilt, and knit. For the last 6 years though, knitting has been my passion. This is one wall in my sewing/knitting room. I didn't want this room to look pristine.  I wanted to show it as it is when I am busy in here.
Here is another wall.
Just this past Christmas I bought a swift and winder. I love the Amish style rather than the umbrella.
Sock yarn!
Yes, I have quite a stash!

Come and sit awhile with me.  Don't forget your knitting!



  1. Whoa I am jealous of your Bernina! And girl, you have enough yarn to open a shop. Oh my! Sewing is a required class in our middle school at the 6th or 7th grade level for both girls and boys here. Both of my sons learned to sew and made pillows in middle school. Doubt they remember how to do it now, but at least they were exposed to it.

    1. Hey girl! Thanks for leaving a comment! So great that your schools still offer sewing. Ours gave it up for computer class many years ago!

  2. A sewing room would be one of my most favorite rooms too. I am already planning where in my house it will be when the girls depart, although I have considered other unused rooms that would work too.

    You mentioned knitting is what your hands are doing the most these days. (And all knitters have a stash pile!) Do you ever have times when you can not decide what piecework you would rather be doing at a given moment? I have that problem at times...some many things to sew, smock, knit, embroider,etc...

    The pink knitted shawl(?) is gorgeous.