Saturday, March 16, 2013

Waiting on the camera

I have always been a lover of beauty. Not necessarily one to lay in the grass and stare at clouds, I prefer to be the creator. Years have been spent making a home, moving this piece here or there and then back again.  My family will tell you nothing stays the same in our house very long and they embarass me with the story of our blind cocker spaniel who learned to walk with her head down so she could brace herself when she ran into something that moved (not to proud of that). The walls are graced with my needlework and family pieces;pictures of the children and grandchildren.

Back in the '70s I went with my parents on a trip to Hong Kong.  My step father worked for then Pan American Airlines and we could fly for almost nothing.  It was a wonderful trip and one of the items purchased there was a 35mm Nikon camera.  My step father eventually gave me that camera and I used it until the digital age took over and developing film was no longer ecoomical.  It took pictures of my children as babies, milestones in their lives, and beautiful prom moments.  I have never had another camera that could do it justice.

In the immediate digital age, I have succumb to the convenience of the iPhone camera. I can snap a photo and share it with anyone in seconds.  As lovely as this can be, it doesn't produce a quality photo and this I have begun to desire once again.

Mr. RM and I are taking a trip to Canada this summer and I mentioned I would like to have a good camera.  Not one costing thousands, but a nice digital that would capture those moments in time.  He got on Ebay ( a pastime of his he doesnt want us to know about!) and searched one out, handed me the iPad to look, and I pronounced it the kind I was thinking about.  Before I could even research options, it was purhased and on its way! ( wait a husband doesn't do that!) 

So, I am waiting on the camera.  I will be able to include the lovely in my posts and cause all who view to go oooh! and awww!  :