Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Little Re-cap

Our trip was really lovely. Visiting our dear friends always provides us with peace and reflection. It never fails that we have opportunity to talk faith, family, and now future, for we are all in that "different time of life". The guys traveled a little further north to play golf. This is their annual retreat time. Seven years they have been doing this and I would not take this time away from Mr. Golfer for anything.  Mr. Golfer is on the far right. Silly how they all ended up dressing the same!

This is our friend's new home.  They have just been their less than a year. I was just in love with the history of this house built in 1929.

While the guys were off golfing, my friend and I spent 2 days yarn shopping and sight seeing.
We headed north to Michigan as well to a little shop called The Red Purl.  This was a precious little shop carrying pretty specific yarns.

This was the yarn I originally purchased for my daughter.  She and I are always bringing back sock yarn if we happen to be in a different shop than our usual.  However, I ended up finding her a different yarn the next day so this one is for me!  I had not seen this yarn from Canada before, so was excited to take it home.

There was another yarn by this same designer that I purchased for a cape, but that is for tomorrow's post.  Be sure and check in!

I also purchased this alpaca.  In the past I have had issues wearing alpaca next to my skin, but I am doing a shawl with this and am praying it won't make me itch.  The Aranami Shawl I began weeks ago in cotton will be replaced with this.

These two books were on sale for 1/2 off. I have been wanting this vintage baby book for a while. It has a wonderful Baby/Nursing shawl in the back.

On Friday we drove to an Amish town called Shipshewana.  I have been fascinated by the Amish lifestyle for years and very much wanted to take a peak.

Of course you can't take pictures of the people themselves, but these buggies were just amazing.

We found a yarn shop called De Vine.  This shop was much larger than the previous day and carried not only some well known yarns, but local and unusual yarns as well. 

This is the yarn I bought for my daughter.  Much more her color and style.

This yarn was from Alaska and I could not resist a skein!

This skein was local and oh so soft.  I just had to take one home.

We found a store that the locals shop in  and picked up treats for the grandchildren.  What more for little girls than Amish dolls.

We ventured over to an antique show and wandered around.  Betsie found the bench she had been looking for.  I had to be very careful because what ever I found had to fit in the suitcase!  Darn!

Well, yes, darn.  I found these sweet antique darning eggs.

We were able to attend Mass on Sunday at the Basilica at Notre Dame. Just a gorgeous space!  The music was wonderful!

Another treat was the precious gifts from my friend from her trip to Rome this past spring.  They were blessed to be part of an audience with Pope Francis the week after he was elected, so all these items have been blessed.

The small Sacred Heart medals are for the granddaughters.  The crucifix is for my oldest grandson's room and the larger medal is for my newest grandson due in Sept.

This was for me and I was touched.  It now resides around my neck where is will remain.

Be sure and check back tomorrow for Yarn Along to see the special yarn I brought back and what I am knitting with it!


  1. We just returned from Houston, so my weekending post will be a little late. I am so blown away by the gifts your friend brought you back from Rome - so generous, what treasures! I got to have breakfast with my childhood and still bff while in Houston which was wonderful!
    I have a fascination with the Amish, I just loved seeing the dolls and buggies!

    1. My summer grandchildren hours have changed and Tuesday is my only day off. We really need to get together!

    2. We can work out the details. Let me get past #2's graduation this weekend and then my calendar opens up more!

  2. what a lovely time you had!!! Your friend's house and lawn is so beautiful! wow! and what meaningful gifts! yay for yarn shops! :)

  3. Wow, what a trip! Those little dolls and the darning eggs are really treasures!