Thursday, July 11, 2013

[ Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}

It is Thursday and I am linking to Like Mother Like Daughter.

round button chicken


The mild temps last week gave the garden a chance to show off some more blooms.  Now that I have finally figured out a setting on my camera, these pictures look pretty good.


I know you may not think happy when you look at Zoey, but she had been outside on our first 100+ day and coming inside was pure joy for her!


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My grandson was teaching me how to make salad.  Curious George happened to be on at the same time, so there is a little distraction in the video.  Not sure if I would really want to eat this salad!


Texas has been at the center of news the last few weeks. Today, the House passed HB2 which will put an end to abortions after 20 weeks and make the facilities that perform this murderous act comply with higher standards.  It is a win for Texas!  The bill goes to the Senate tomorrow and hopefully the vote will happen early next week.  And this time Wendy Davis can't do a thing!

Love reading all the posts!  We leave tomorrow for New Brunswick, Canada for a few days of R&R!


  1. We've been following the news about our great states law very closely - sooo happy!
    Your link up isn't working just a fyi (the video). Have a lovely trip!

    1. Well I must get on fixing that! Thank you! See you when we return!

  2. My first visit from the Mother/Daughter blog. Very nice.

  3. Amen to the pro-life victories! God bless!

  4. Your dog picture is awfully sweet.

  5. It's been so hot in Texas! Your dog has the right idea.