Wednesday, August 7, 2013


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 round button chicken
I begin setting the table for holidays and parties days to a week ahead I found the turquoise Ball jars at my Krogers.  Ball is reissuing this color in a vintage box.  Since the nursery colors are turquoise, orange and gray, I will add orange flowers to the jars.  If I can come across some eucalyptus, I will put that in as well.  The train is one that belongs to the grandchildren, but looked perfect on the table.


She is always on the move!  And I mean always, so the picture is not clear, but she loved playing with the roll of paper .
Atticus will sleep wherever!  But it was 105 when this was taken.  Clearly he has his own built in air conditioning.
Just an update.  My sono came back negative.  No issues in gallbladder, pancreas, liver or kidneys.  The acupuncturist said my lower right rib was very inflamed, so hopefully that is the source.  With Fibromyalgia you never know where the pain is coming from!  Thank you for all the prayers!
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  1. Praying for the inflammation to clear up soon, lots of healing prayers!
    I love that Atticus enjoys a good nap no matter where.
    Don't you love those new Ball Jars, I'm thrilled they released them again!

  2. At least Atticus doesn't appear to have dug anything up so that he might have a cooler spot for his nap. We had a lab that would do that all summer long. My poor marigolds never quite recovered. :)

  3. Hello! Visiting again from P.H.F.R~ I enjoyed reading a bunch of your posts though. Prince of Wails! HA! And that shawl is gorgeous!

    I LOVE the vintage blue canning jars and love that they are trying to recreate them!

  4. I hope you're feeling better soon!
    That would not be my choice of spots for a nap but whatever works ;-)

  5. Love the blue jars. I may have to pick some up to use as glasses.