Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Catching Up and Rambling

My Week Ending post was vacant because, really, I was just tired.  On Saturday, sadly, we attended the funeral Mass of a dear friend's one year old grandson.  Dominic had Joubert's Syndrome and was not even expected to live as long as he did. This my friend Mary and Dominic.

I love at his funeral, the priest said Dominic was a true saint, as he had never displeased God.  That has stayed with me. Thank you God for allowing Dominic's life to bring that to me.

Other parts of the weekend were spent with fairly sleepless nights with phone calls of false alarm.  Baby Luke has not arrived, but he sure is keeping us on our toes!

The heat has not subsided, but the garden is sustaining because of this:

I like to call sprinkler water artificial water.  Even though it is real water, it is full of all the chemicals we put in city water.  Those drops from the sky are so much better for the plants.  I know the raindrops pick up the dirt through the air, but none the less, it is just better.

The Autumn Clematis is in full bloom.  Only the early mornings make it cool enough to sit outside and enjoy it.

We added a new feature last week.  I had been waiting for these mounts and baskets to go on sale and here at the end of the season they did.  Mr. Golfer so pleasantly ( weak smile here ) hung them for me.  I have only put a little Asparagus fern in them for now because there is no color at this time that will last.

I have a little spot off the front porch with Mexican Petunias.  They came from a cutting I took at the Catholic School my youngest daughters attended.  They never really spread much, but I cant seem to get rid of them either.

Last evening I was trimming back some hedges and came across this!  The picture is after spray was applied.  This nest was covered with wasps! Would nave never guessed to find them in that spot.  I wonder if the heat is changing their nesting?

Plumbago.  Just sweet and beautiful.

Can you tell I am ready for Fall?!  This is my plastic pumpkin.  I am past placing real ones outside. 

A little Fall color!

Sweet Potato Vine does well in our heat.  Although an annual, I tend to get it to return for a couple of years before I have to replant.

And the purple variety.

This arrived yesterday and I am so excited.  Contents to be revealed at a later date, but for now just think Advent!
I said this would be ramblings and it was. So much going on in my head that I can't organize at the moment.  There is knitting happening.  That is for tomorrow! 

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