Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Making Sense



As I finish up my lesson this morning, I am thinking of Mary, the Mother of our Lord.  Saying "yes" to a call of unknown. This quote from a favorite blog, In the Heart of My Home. comes from Elizabeth who really writes from my heart. 

"About God’s unique call. I wonder sometimes at the damage done by a women’s movement that fought so hard and so long to persuade the culture that women can do it all—be wives, mothers, employees, employers, artisans, crafters of the ideal life. No ceiling, no boundaries, no limitations. But there are, aren’t there? Natural law makes it so. There are only so many hours, so much energy. We can’t do it all and we likely will burn ourselves out trying. The culture tells us we can. God doesn’t. God calls us uniquely to live as He created us and He grants us abundant grace to do it. He didn’t create us for burnout. That feeling of being stretched too thin, doing everything halfheartedly and nothing well? That’s not of God."

Questioning answers I have given.  Were the " yeses" from God?

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