Friday, September 20, 2013

One of those Friday's!

It has been a very long week.  Everyone has been on pins and needles not knowing what baby Luke would decide to do.  I am just plain tired from taking care of grandchildren and trying to help my daughter keep her house picked up and laundry done.

This morning I took Evelyn,  granddaughter # 2, in for her checkup.  Yesterday was her birthday and we are going to squeeze in a family party tonight.  It has been a while since I was doing check ups with little ones and this morning I had 3 children with me...all the girls.  I really love their pediatrician and I learned a couple of things I will share later.

Tomorrow is induction day, so we for sure will have a baby tomorrow.  They must arrive at the hospital at 6 am.  Mr. Golfer and I  plan  to go down after things begin to progress in order to be there when Luke arrives. Lilah and Evelyn are spending the night with their Aunt Julia, Patrick's mother, so they will be very busy and distracted.

I will post pics as soon as I have an opportunity to write.  You can also follow me on Facebook to get the earliest pics.

Thanks for all your prayers, but please don't stop!

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