Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Settling In

Luke and mamma are home.  He is such a cuddly baby.  Just sinks right into you. There is nothing more precious than a baby who is so dependent on you to satisfy his needs.  That yearning to begin anew with each one and make every moment perfect.

I didn't have the full range of grandchildren today, so I had the opportunity to cook a little for my daughter.  Chicken spaghetti and pumpkin bread for tonight.

Fall has finally arrived here in North Texas and the temps have dipped in the mornings.  A slower start today gave me time to shoot some pictures of the fall changes in the garden.

The V Junkie socks are complete.  They were a fun knit, but I am always glad to complete socks.  It seems for something so small, it always takes me a month to complete. I must work on learning to knit faster.
Normally I don't block socks.  Just put the on my feet and let that be the blocking.  But this pattern was so dense I felt they needed to be stretched out.  So a little bath was had and they were pinned out. I think I am going to love these.

Join me tomorrow for Yarn Along.  Some new knits in the planning!

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  1. Awwwww....what a little cutie! I know you are enjoying your snuggle time!