Thursday, January 2, 2014

From the Sewing Room..A Lined Project Bag


:: About 2 years ago I stumbled upon a pattern PDF for a project size drawstring bag.  It was lined and oh so cute.  My oldest daughter and I made several bags and settled our knitting into them.  They were just the right size for socks or other small projects. 

But our knitting projects began to get larger.  Blankets and sweaters were just to large for these little bags.  And just about that same time the author and designer of the original pattern made a PDF available that encompassed many sizes.  From tiny to laundry size!  Jeni Baker did an amazing job of taking a simple pattern and doing all the math for us.  This bag has a flat bottom that makes it so convenient and usable.  The PDF is $9.00, but that is a small price to pay for such versatility.  My next step is to monogram the fronts of the bags before putting them together. They could be gifts for anyone for anything.

A sweet baby blanket I am working on is now all nestled inside.  I can work directly from this bag without having to remove all the yarn.

:: I also came across some fabric for my rocker/ glider.  I really think these chairs are not very becoming, but they are so comfortable.  I had painted mine back in the summer, but think now when it warms up I will make it white.

This fabric picks up the turquoise I so love, but also provides little pops of gray and yellow.  I had enough to add a couple of pillows.

I hope your New Year is off to a positive start.  The weather has turned chilly here again, but we are not suffering like those further to our north. 

Blessings to all!


  1. how lovely! I may learn to sew someday... one project at a time! :) you make many beautiful things!

  2. I love the bag, it is perfect and since my daughter just started ballet, it might make the perfect little bag for her shoes etc..
    The chair is really beautiful, and the pillow - especially the trim around it, just makes it pop!

  3. might be worth getting my sewing machine out!!!!!! Those bags are SERIOUSLY CUTE!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Just an added note. The PDF is very user friendly. These bags are wonderful! I am going to monogram the next set with names for the grandchildren I take to bible study.

  5. Your color/pattern choice for the bag is awesome. I love the gray and red! And I love your cushions too! Well done!

  6. I have sewed several zippered project bags...perhaps too many! I need to finish a few and empty them, Your drawstring ones are so cute!!

  7. This is my inspiration post to help plan a year of sewing. Sometimes I get overwhelmed going over prospective projects and end up doing nothing, but your post has the right doses of practical sense and encouragement. Thanks so much, and here's to a good year!