Wednesday, February 19, 2014

{ PHFR} Grandchildren Edition

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This post is all grandchildren.  It has been a while since I featured them here.  I intended to do this post last week as we had such fun making a Valentine cake, but alas it was not to be.  So here we go....


Our creation! We had so much fun.


Who doesn't love licking the spatula?  She takes after her granddaddy!!

Luke was looking on from afar.  Someday little guy!


While Lilah was carefully placing all the candy hearts, Evelyn was eating them. Girl after my own heart. :)

While the cake was baking, they decided to make a castle out of all the plastic cups in the cabinet.  Aren't those kitchen cabinets always full of the best toys?

My sister in law had passed these dolls down  and the girls were having so much fun with them.  All covered up with the kntted blankets.

Luke, at almost 5 months, is still getting use to Milo.  I predict they will be best friends as he grows up.

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  1. So much good here, you are the best Grandmother!

  2. Yes! kitchen cabinets are always full of the best toys!

    1. Aren't they? And we spend so much money on toys!

  3. fun! lots of nice things here! :)

  4. i loved this post!!! what fun. We just got back from visiting with our 5 grands up north (couldn't take the other 2 with us this time!!!)….just nothing like it!!! (I'll put you on the blanket yarn list….for some reason, my email isn't working this morning!!!)

  5. Sweet! I love the cute dolls with their beautiful knitted blankets! And Luke's dimples! - I love dimples :) ~MaryK

    1. They are my precious babies! I don't keep the other two grandchildren daily anymore. 5 under 4 just got to be too much!