Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Yarn Along

Another gray day with sleet falling this morning.  I went out long enough to get Mucinex, cat food, and dog chewies at the store.  Priorities my friends!  The light in the house is dark.  Picture taking is a real challenge.  I used my phone today because I really got the better photos with it.

The Purl Dreams blanket is making progress.  I included a picture from last week just for color reference.  I am on the 3rd skein and hope it will be enough for the body.  I want this blanket to be a good size and I have plenty of yarn.  But....the constant knit stitch is wearing on me so I began a shawl.  I have had Whipporwill in my queu for a while and finally decided which yarns to put together.  I don't have anything golden/yellow in my shawl stash and I think it was the colors on the pattern that captured me the first place. The yellow/gold is  Hazel knits Artisan Sock in the Saffron colorway.  The Turquoise came from a small shop  on a trip last summer and I lost the ball band.  But is has some browns running though it and I think it will complete the look rather nicely.  I am knitting on it in the evening nd the blanket during the day.  I have plenty of time to complete the blanket so no worry!

I decided to wind some yarn on this gloomy day.  I think we are all tending to try to find color in what seems to be the longest winter ever!  These are 2 skeins of Sweet Georgia that I bought off Ravelry last fall.  It is always fun to see the difference in the skein from a hank and then wound.  These will surely be shawls!

I have moved away from fiction in my reading.  With all the emotion from the past two weeks I really needed to read wisdom and feel some confirmation of faith.  These 3 are providing what I need.  I am on day 7 today of my novena to Mary, The Undoer of Knots.  Although the situation is not resolved, I do feel more peace than I have in days.  I continue to offer it up and I ask you if you will for me as well.

Joining Ginny and all the other knitters today and looking forward to seeing what is on the needles and on the reading stand!  God Bless!


  1. I just love your knitting! The first time I prayed this Novena, day 7 was the day the main knot started to unravel. It wasn't pretty, but had to happen for any healing to begin. Life is hard...at times. :) Hugs.

  2. Sometimes we just need to pray and pray... your knitting is lovely... and I love all the yarn colours!!! God keep you well... and your family...

  3. I believe that we have all of those books!!! A book I return to during difficult times is "listening at prayer" by Fr. Benedict Groeschel. It has been helpful. Lovely knitting! Praying all turns out well and God will send you all the graces necessary during this time.

  4. lots of soothing wooliness in your life.....i never would have thought those two skeins would wind the way they did!
    so glad you are finding peace

  5. ooo lovely yarns, you're going to get some gorgeous shawls when you knit them up

  6. Coming over from Ginny's to see your lovely knits! The yarns for the Whipporwill look beautiful - so colorful. And yes, color is so very good right now.
    I think I will be looking into that novena as well, thank you.
    God bless!

  7. Our winter has been mild, but your colors are still a welcome sight!

  8. Oh, I love Sweet Georgia yarns! Enjoy knitting with them. :) God bless!