Thursday, March 20, 2014

Button, Button, Where is the Button?

All I am waiting on is the button.  The design has been created, but for some reason it just won't let me place it on the site.  I have put out an SOS to a few people I know who do this.  I hope within a day or two it is up and working.

But you can still order from the PayPal button to the right.  I spent today cutting fabric for bags that are going to the DFW Fiber Fest. My LYS is hosting them for me.  I am so grateful that she is giving me this visibility.

These fabrics above are going to be the first laundry size bags.  I am taking them to a children's boutique to see about having them in their store. In the correct fabrics these would be super for campers this summer.

These fabrics were all cut into medium and large sizes today.  Remember that the large size makes a great bag for dance shoes!  I have had several mothers with requests. And a design for a wine bottle bag is in the works. Already an order for 4 and I have not even worked out the design!

On another note...the first day of spring came in with a chilly morning, but the afternoon warmed up to 77! 

The peonies are coming up which always makes my heart sing!  This one, and another next to it, are new this year.  I believe when I put them in last fall I remember they were Sarah Bernhardt's.  I soon shall see.

These are St' Joseph Lillies.  They seem to pop up about the same time as my peonies which means I must divide my time ooohhing over each one as they progress.  What a problem that is. :))))

Edited to add.... The button is there.  Please let me know if it can be copied and works?!!


  1. It may also be good to have a separate page on your blog with examples of your work and information... I am waiting your button and the like so that I can do a blog post on my blog for you! Best wishes and how wonderful about St. Joesph lilies; I heard from my local Catholic friends that yesterday was St. Joseph's day!

  2. Elizabeth, the button is now there to copy! In the next week or so I will be setting up a shopify page that the button will link to. But for now if the button can be copied it will get to my page where PayPal can be used. Baby steps!

  3. Congrats on the button! Love the new fabrics! I know your bags will be a success at the DFW Fiber Fest. :)

    1. Angela , you are so encouraging and inspirational! Thank you again for your order!