Monday, March 17, 2014

New Fabrics!

This endeavor seems to be taking on a life of its own!  I am so excited to be offering these
" Drawstrings"  for you!

So many people have given me ideas for using them.. campers need the laundry size... travelers need the large size for shoes....of course knitters and needle workers need all sizes for their projects.  I use the large size in place of diaper bags for the grandchildren.  The ideas are limitless!

Here are a few of the new fabrics I put together over the weekend. There are more, but I am not on my computer, so I am limited at the moment.

So much of the fun is just choosing the fabrics!  These are available for S,M, and L bags.
I also have put out an SOS for someone to help with a button for the blog.  If you have that is worth a free bag of your choice!


  1. and they are as well made as they are pretty!!!! :)

  2. Love all the wonderful ideas and the fabrics are fabulous!