Wednesday, March 26, 2014

{PHFR } Trying Again!

round button chicken

I have been finding it hard these last few months to blog everyday, but because of that I have noticed that the readership here has decreased.  The old saying " you get out of something what you put into it" rings true!  My Wednesday and Thursday posts are specific to link ups and I find that more difficult to do because the pictures for them are so specific.  But I am going to take a deep breath, pretend the sun in shining ( it is a gray, dismal day) and go for it!


Tuesday evening, just as Mr. Golfer and I were sitting down to dinner," our" cardinal landed on the bird feeder.  How long do cardinals live?  Guess I could google that, but every late winter/ early spring there is always one on the feeder. I guess I just think it is the same one because, you know, they all look alike :)). But I always get excited when I see them.  The bright red against the green of the plants and now the fact that I can see out my windows ( because they were deep cleaned for the first time in 25 years).  I was about 20 feet away when I took this.  Just put the zoom on the camera as far as it would go.


My oldest granddaughter, Lilah Grace, wearing one of the dresses I smocked for her mommy MANY years ago.  There are 3 trunks full of them!


My oldest grandchild, Patrick, was part of a sponsored Trike A Thon for St. Jude's Hospital.  There was a course set up outside and the students were sponsored to ride.  Patrick rode around the track about 40 times!  He was so excited and even had his picture in the paper.

{ Real}

I took the plunge!

You know you want one :))))

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  1. LOVE that smocked dress!!! I wish I had saved some that I had smocked for my daughter…not that any of my granddaughters would have worn them!!! (maybe for dress-up----mine weren't nearly as nice as yours!!!) And congrats on being an official bag-lady!!! I LOVE mine!!!!

  2. Your bags are wonderful. Good luck with the Etsy shop. I know what you mean about the names---I had to choose a name years ago just to place an order for my daughter, and they didn't have what i wanted, so I'm sort of stuck with it. I hold off on putting anything in it because I think I can change the name ONCE and then I'm really stuck. ;-)

    1. Thank you! I left you a message on your blog!

  3. Love that little smocked dress. She has a lot to look forward to!

    I favorited you on Etsy. Saving my dollars for a bag. ;-)

  4. Amazing smock dress! Love the picture of Patrick! Congrats..your business card looks fantastic! I love my bag and am looking forward to getting another! :) I have been seeing the cardinals around here as well. They have me pining for spring.

  5. The bags are beautiful! And I'm so impressed with the smocking!