Thursday, April 10, 2014

{ PHFR} Little Doggie 2 Edition

This week I have another one subject event that encompasses all of the categories.  My oldest grandson, Patrick, has had a knitted, stuffed, dog since he was about a year old.  I did not knit it.  It may have been a birthday gift?  " Little Doggie"  as he came to be known, has seen his last days.  Somewhere I posted about it on a Yarn Along, but right now with 4 littles under 4 running around I can't go find it.  Search please if you will :)

Patrick asked me if I could make another "little doggie".  Let me preface this by saying that I abhor knitting animals.  It is not my forte at all!  But when your grandchildren ask....what do you do?  It's grandmother love.....that all I can say.

Yesterday when Patrick came out of school, Little Doggie was there to meet him.  Here is what ensued and I think the pictures say it all!


I think he is in love!:))

Linking up with Aunt Leila today!


  1. very cute!!! If you add, FYI, a search button to your blog, you can search it.... often works great with mine (not always but usually)... email me if you need more info :) blessed day to you!

  2. There is nothing sweeter than little boys and their 'softies'!! (Both my 8 and 10 year olds drag their favorite ones on grandma overnights....those poor old things are pretty nasty, but couldn't NEVER be replaced!!!!)

  3. Can't find the floppy dog pattern when I click on it. Any suggestions??