Thursday, May 29, 2014

{PHFR} Mostly the Grandchildren

round button chicken


I just couldn't not include this under pretty.  Yes, Leila and I met last Friday when she was in Oklahoma.  I made the 3 hour drive north to hear her speak.  You can read all about it here .  She is just as lovely in person as on her blog!

These new fabrics are just so pretty.  There is a fabric shop here in our city that carries all the best cottons.  No need to search online because I have access here.  A 20% off sale will get me through the door as well!
They are in the shop now!


Patrick and Rachel are always so much fun to be with and I treasure the time because I see them the least of all the grandchildren.  Last weekend Mr. Golfer and our daughter Julia ( their mother) played golf and I stayed with the children.  Lots of fun outside until a big storm hit and inside we ran!  Patrick's chalk drawings didn't last:((

Lilah has been working up the courage for weeks at the park to stand on this bar by herself!


Just cute that they were on the swing together.  


My youngest grandchild Luke was taken to the ER Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. He seems to have the same resp. virus that caused his sister's pneumonia two weeks ago.  Please pray for a quick recovery.  Children are so fragile when they are ill, but bounce back quickly as well.  We pray for it to be speedy.

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  1. Yay for meeting Leila! Was that surreal? lol...she is a celebrity! Hope your grandson is doing ok, that is so scary. It is interesting that most of the time I would love for my gaggle of littles to just simmer down a bit, but as soon as one of them gets sick and isn't themselves I realize how much I love wild and rambunctious. Praying for Luke! God Bless!

    1. She is just so nice and her daughter Rosie as well! Luke is feeling much better! Thank you for asking!!

  2. I received my bag and love it. Your grandchildren are beautiful.