Thursday, May 22, 2014


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My "pretty" this week seems to be all about flowers. Well, it is that time of year! Those first two pictures are the flowers from our Anniversary brunch. After we got home, I separated the peonies out and put them in their own container.  I just love peonies!!  Several years ago the parish where we aere attending decorated the church with lillies each Easter.  As they began to wilt, the pots would be put out in the Gathering Space for parishoners to take if they so chose.  There was one year that 
I took several home and planted them in front of one end of the house. The room at that end of the house is now my sewing room and this is what I am looking at now as I work.  Beauty.  And this last picture is my oakleaf hydrangea that is blooming for the first itme!  It is stunning!


The grandchildren and I have been spending a lot of time outside.  The temperatures are perfect.  Low 80"s with a slight breeze.  Really in just a few weeks it will be hot here.  Likely it will have already hit 100.  There is a wonderful park close to my daughter's house and we try to go there a few times each week.   
Patrick, my oldest grandchild, "graduated" from preschool today.  Oh how time flies.  You know, I said that with my own children and now to say it with the grandchildren is a little disturbing.  A totally different cycle of life!
I hope you have noticed some changes in my blog.  I have a sweet girl who has done quite a few updates.  I love that email bar and apparently my pictures all have a little "pin it" button if you hover over them.  Thank you Pepper!!


Miss Evelyn thought this was the funniest position to be in.  All day she was asking me to look at her.  My pleasure!


We all know that Aunt Leila has published a wonderful book, The Little Oratory.  If you have not gotten a copy, I highly suggest you do!  I am looking forward to the summer reading club.  Yesterday on her blog there was a link to an interview with her and David Clayton, the other author.  It was great to hear voices put to faces.  I think I am always surprised to hear someone's voice I don't know.  
I wanted to post this pictureof our "little oratory".  We never called it that.  It was just a place in our home that reminded us that Christ is present here in our comings and goings.  I posted this comment yesterday: 

"I sat in my rocker this morning looking at the table by our back door. That table where Our Blessed Mother watches over the comings and goings of the day. St. Francis stands next to her and both are below an array of crosses and a crucifix that belonged to my father in law. Bringing it all together is a cross stitch I did years ago….Always Say A Prayer.   Our Little Orartory has been there for years. We just didn’t know what to call it:"

That table sits just inside the back door that we use throughout the day.  So to have our oratory in a place that we see as we come and go reminds us as we walk through the door or out the door that Christ is ever present with us.  That we take him as we go into the world and we receive him as we come home to this little church we have created with our family.

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  1. Peonies are our favorite! I tell my girl all the time that they're not allowed to get married unit lI have all of the peonies in, and they must get married in June (when they bloom here) so we can make their bouquets out of them.

    Your Little Oratory is lovely!

  2. Your oratory is beautiful as well as your precious grands!! Love your knitting in the previous post.

  3. Beautiful, all of it!

  4. Growing up my aunt had beautiful peonies in every color. When we went there she gave us bouquets. And at times like our First Communion or something special at our little church. She gave us huge bouquets for the altar. Peonies bring me back to those happy times. Live your little altar!

  5. I love the sweet simplicity of your oratory. It feels peaceful just looking at it from the computer! I am sure it is a place of grace for your home. Thank you so much for sharing!!

  6. Your grandchildren are so adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  7. When I first saw the photo of your little oratory I thought, "ASAP? In a prayer space? That's odd..." I never thought about "Always Say A Prayer"! That's great!
    God bless! ~Michelle Therese