Monday, May 19, 2014


Today Drawstrings is being featured for the first time at Jenny's!  She has been so kind to host me in her space and there is a little giveaway and discount shopping over there as well!  Thank you Jenny for all the time you put into your post today!

:: Family
We celebrated our anniversary Sunday with as many of the children and grandchildren as we could.  One daughter is out of state, safely tucked in the mountains of Montana.  Sadly, a son in law was not there as well.  But we took them all to brunch after Mass and enjoyed just being together.  The question was asked why we didn't want to do something romantic?  Romance certainly hasn't died after this many years, but you realize that the true purpose of marriage, to bring life into the world and ultimately into the Church, is what needs to be celebrated. This is certainly not what the world tells us and so, as parents, you continue to set that example.

:: Catholic Faith
I continue to find ways to explain and model our faith to a young man that most likely will join our family soon.  His heart has been opened in some ways and so gently we speak and explain and guide.

:: Scripture/Prayer
Sunday's first reading was Acts 6:1-7. As I sat listening and then read again later, I really thought about these first disciples who were prayed over and then sent out to minister.  Really, the first priests of the Church.  Prayed over and hands laid on them..the first Ordination.  Yes, it continues to hold me in awe that what we see and do each day in the Mass is the same that was done in the beginning of the Church 2000 years ago.

:: Knitting
The Baby Drops blanket is coming to a close.  If you read my crazy explanation of how I was going to redesign the end of this blanket, tomorrow's Yarn Along pictures will probably help.  I ended the last lace section and left all those stitches on the cable.  I have now cast on new stitches...just like I was beginning the blanket again.  I will knit the feather and fan section once more and then attach it ( Kitchener stitch) to the stitches on the cable.  That way each end has the scallops.
What really saddens me about this blanket is that I may never see the baby that will receive it.  My niece lives only a few hours away, but we don't get to visit when she is hear to see her mother.  So much work, and I am grateful that they requested the blanket, but how joyful it would be to see the little one wrapped in it.
I have spent time deciding what the next blanket will be.  Read about that Wednesday!

:: Drawstings
At the top of this post I gave you a link to The Littlest Way.  Jenny is doing the very first feature post and giveaway for my bags!!! I am so excited and so pleased with how she has accomplished this.  Head on over to her site.  15% off all bags through May 31st! This litle venture of mine is truly in God's hands and I remember that each time I create a bag.

:: Garden
I have spent so little time in the garden lately. Starting this business has kept me inside and although I am grateful beyond words for this opportunity, my hands miss being in the dirt.  I did spend a little time Sunday afternoon weeding around the zinnas.  Most of the spring blooms are spent and so we are waiting to see what summer brings.  I did plant red peppers this year ( the only vegetable ) and they are doing well.

:: Home
Ahhh! Home!  Where my heart always is.  I received some gift money for Mother's Day and was able to use it to purchase a little side table.  I have many antique tables in the house, but they are always the wrong height next to a chair.  Too tall.  I needed a side table next to my rocker to hold my knitting.  Home Goods is just a wonderful store for those types of pieces and very affordable.  And if I want to change the color?  No problem!

The response to this post last week was so favorable.  I'm going to try to be purposeful in keeping this a regular Tuesday post.  Any interst in this being a linkup?  I'll keep on the watch for comments and if you would like to create your own list of Reflections, we can give you a  space here for that!

Blessings to all!


  1. Congratulations on your shop. You are doing so well! I think I have saved up enough from my book sale to get a birthday is coming up so I will have to wait to receive it. But I plan to enjoy picking one out. See you soon.

    1. I can't wait to see your choice! Remember I can create something for you if you don't see one that suits you.

  2. Congrats on your shocase!! I hope it pays off in visits and purchases.