Thursday, June 5, 2014

PHFR Late Edition!

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All Together This Week!

I'm a little late to the party today.  Last night I just couldn't get to the computer and this morning we had plans!

I love to take the children on the zoo train.  It's not the loveliest of views, but at their age they don't know that and it is an hour that children are occupied. It winds through the park which is very nice, but to get there it must go around a lot of construction that seems to always be happening in this growing city. But they just love it! We pack drinks and usually a snack.  Today we bought popcorn at the concession.  That was a real treat!

Today is my last day to have all three.  Tomorrow my daughter and her husband have" take your child to work day" at their schools, so I just have little Luke.  So the school year ends and summer really begins here!

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  1. oh, that is just so cute!!! that for sure is PHFR all together in one shot! much love to you! blessed beginning to your 'summer' :)

  2. hoping your summer is the best ever!!!!!!

  3. Wonderful picture! What a great day! Woohoo for summer! :)