Friday, July 11, 2014

Catching Up

There is evidence in the garden that grandchildren have been here.  They are always so excited to walk the path and see what is in bloom.  I am having a hard time keeping up with the weeding.  We have been short on rain recently and I am trying to obey the water restrictions the city has in place, but I do find myself sneaking the sprinkler in behind plants to give them a drink.

Atticus is not only minding the garden, but he is purposefully antagonizing the mocking birds on the power lines above him.

I finally cut some of the chrysanthemums and brought them in this morning.  I wanted to let them fill in before I went to chopping them off.  It looks like the pumpkins are thriving. Patrick was so excited yesterday when I explained to him what they were going to be.  Don't you think our children have a difficult concept of where things come from when we buy it all at a grocery?  That is the main reason I planted these.  I want the grandchildren to understand that concept.

Mr. Golfer is in Santa Fe for his annual golf trip with two great friends we have known over 30 years.  Crazy that these men have been doing this trip now for 8 years.  Sometimes I get to tag along if the destination is near one of the other wives.  But this year it was not even in the direction that any of us live.  So I am home alone, staying up much later than usual because I don't sleep well alone.

I have little Luke tonight.  He is not far off from walking on his own.  The last of the present grandchildren is soon to be upright mobile!

 I missed my PHFR post yesterday because my camera connection was lost between the camera and my laptop.  My good friend suggested I just buy a card reader.  So I did and it worked.  Simple solution that had skipped my mind!  I will catch up with that post next week!


  1. card readers are great!! :))) love your posts! hang in there with the less sleep at present....

  2. Beautiful pics! Hope you are able to get some rest!

  3. what a lovely, lovely garden!!!! we've been hurting a bit for rain, too---but are blessed today (and I'm blessed with guilt-free non weeding!!!!) enjoy the week, Wanda!!!