Friday, July 25, 2014

Here Comes the Bride.. Drawstrings Style!

With wedding season in full mode, I have been working behind the scenes for weeks.  What you see are the frilliest little bags for brides, their attendants and the mothers.

When my second daughter married, my knitting group made similar drawstrings bags and let me tell you, they were the handiest little bags on the day of the wedding.  In fact I still carry mine anytime I go to a festive event and don't want to take a large purse that most likely doesn't match my outfit.

These little bags are just the perfect size for your phone, Drivers License (ID), lipstick, and little items you need during the event. I added the label on the inside of these so to not distract from the overall appearance.

For this particular event, we did the bride in the white, obviously, the mothers in a cream embroidered linen,and the maids in the lavender accent colors of the wedding.

As always, in my shop each bag is a custom and customizable.  Hop on over and take a  look at all that is available. Maybe I can be a part of you walking down the aisle!


  1. I like the cream embroidered one. Larger one would make great "money bags"--a tradition in some families.

  2. Beautiful bags! They are just lovely!

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  4. Absolutely stunning! The purple ones look as if you have flower petals on them instead of just material.