Monday, July 7, 2014


:: Family
 I include those pictures of Mr. Golfer repairing the fence really as a reference for me.  I must say that working round the house is not his forte.  He certainly has many wonderful attributes, but home repair is not one of them. He knows it as well! Therefore I post these here to remind both of us that it can indeed be done!  :))))  And he did it well!
Yesterday I joined him while he went to the driving range.  There is a wonderful porch swing that I love, so I took my knitting and the camera and enjoyed a rather mild Texas evening while he practised.  He leaves on his annual golf trip this week and I always miss him so much. Although I do look forward to the time to get projects done as well!

:: Catholic Faith
Just recently I had a long, but fruitful conversation with one of my daughters about education.  She is worried that there may not be the resources to put her children in Catholic School. We talked about all the pros and cons ( yes there are cons) plus the ins and outs.  I tried to focus on the idea of providing the catechesis as a family and how important it is for the children to see their parents participating in the church, not just going to  church.  Being a Eucharistic Minister, Lector, or even teaching a small group class models being a disciple.  Our Catholic schools as a whole do their best to instill the Catechism of the Church, but with so many lay teachers ( really almost all lay teachers) you are going to get weak links and opinions taught in the classroom.  If as a parent you are not aware of the Church's teachings yourself, then your child will end up with misinformation or no information.  Ask me how I know? :((

:: Scripture/ Prayer
I have returned to Divine Office prayers.  In fact. Mr. Golfer and I are listening to it at bedtime as we turn out the lights.  Such a peaceful way to ease into sleep.  I am longing for bible study to begin. I am missing the regular routine of reading and studying. This fall will be Moses and I really love Old Testament study.  Deuteronomy is one of my favorite books.

:: Knitting
You may notice in a picture above the beginning of a new blanket!  Yes, I finished the chevron blanket and made a decision on the pattern for the new one. I originally was going to do both the same, but as I ended one I just couldn't bring myself to begin again.  Look for a post on this Wednesday's Yarn Along.

:: Drawstrings
I have had many custom orders this past week.  Those are so enjoyable because it breaks the normal.  I am working out the details of an exercise bag.  Look for that in the shop soon!

:: Garden
The sun loving flowers just keep producing.  We ate our first green pepper and I snipped the first dill as well.  I chopped the dill very fine and sprinkled it over tilapia with sliced lemons.  It was excellent!  The pumpkin seeds I planted have grown into 6 plants.  I can tell I may need to prune at some point.  Also, did you know that you can take the bottom of an onion that has been sliced and plant it in the ground roots down to yield new onions?  I did not, but apparently they will produce  for ever!  Trying this!  We eat onions on so nay foods!

:: Home
I had planned on doing some painting in the house while Mr. Golfer was away.  I have broken out in another round of shingles, so that cancels those plans.  Normally it is something stressful that causes an outbreak, but nothing of that sort is happening.  Who knows!  Just very painful right now.

Prayer intentions? I'm a pretty powerful prayer warrior!


  1. blah on the shingles....i've never had them, but from what i hear----i hope i never do; many prayers going out to you for a speedy recovery. lovely you have to water like crazy to get your flowers so beautiful????

    1. Steph, most of the large back garden and th long front one down the walk are native plants to this area. I will water them is we go a week or so without drain. The hydrangeas are the only in ground plants that require constant care. Of course potted planted need more, but I only have a few. It took me years, as I suspect you as well, to get the garden where not doesn't require a lot from us!

  2. Shingles? Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about that. I've never had them (knock on wood) but I've heard they are just awful. I hope you're feeling better soon.

    I love the pictures of Mr. Golfer repairing your fence. G is also not particularly handy around the house, mostly I think because he lacks confidence. I think I may snap a few photos next time he gets at a project, so I can use it to remind him he can do things when he sets his mind to them... ;) xo

    1. Meghann, I have them chronically now and yes, they are painful. Yes, confidence is probably what keeps him from doing more, but also he would just rather be reading or was winging a gold club, neither which I will deny him. He works way too hard for us!

  3. So sorry to hear about the shingles. Hugs and many prayers! Beautiful flowers! I can't wait to find out what blanket pattern you are knitting.

  4. I'm better this evening . Thank you sweet friend!

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