Wednesday, August 6, 2014


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That top photo is the first pumpkin bloom!  August, and I am thinking of pumpkins.  Having not grown them before, I am fascinated by the process.  I knew they would take up a lot of room and I prepared for that.  Just fun to watch the growth!  The heat has returned here in North Texas.  After a wonderful week of low temps, we are now back in the low 100's.  What you see above is surviving by constant care. At the bottom of this post you will see what happens when the sun beats down relentlessly.


I posted before that I received a large order of Drawstring bags from a Dallas Yarn shop.  I worked several days to get them together.  Take a look in the Etsy shop as there are new inventory there as well!


We have had to block Atticus's cat door into the house.  He has started bringing in lizards, grasshoppers, butterflies and dragonflies.  As much as I know he does this out of love, I don't really want that kind of love. :)))  Last night as we were getting into bed I heard him running in the bedroom hallway.  Yes, he and a lizard were fighting it out!  Sorry Atticus!!  I'm done!


This is what the heat is doing to my Obedience Plants.  They are just wilting no matter how much water they get.  When these were planted years ago we were not having this incredible heat that we do now.  I may take them out this fall and put in a more heat tolerant substitute.  But they are special to me.  These were given to me by the girl's pre-school teacher about 26 years ago.  I really hate to just pull them all out.  That will take a little thought.

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  1. Such nice photos. I don't know where your Obedience plant is on your property but is there a place that gets longer hours of shade that it could be moved to? I'm sentimental about that kind of stuff too and understand why you would want to save it!

    1. Moving it has always been a thought. It is a spreader though and needs lots of room. I don't have a shady space at the moment. More thought:))))