Tuesday, August 12, 2014

We Meet Again and New Yarn!

I'm using the new Blogger App for this post.  It may change the picture colors so bear with me while I experiment!

That first photo....this is the third meetup for us!  Katherine from Seamlesslife and Kathy at 9PeasMom and I have spent the last few months really getting to know each other.  It is an hour drive for both Kathy and myself.  Katherine lives right between us.  We don't mind a bit!  That La Madeline is getting use to us taking over a table all afternoon. :). Today, for 3 1/2 hours our conversation ran the gamut of subjects. It is just lovely to explore the minds of these wonderful ladies with a great cup of coffee in front of me.
Our next gathering will be in my hometown.  You see, we are all knitters and Mad Tosh happens to be 15 minutes from my house!

Speaking of Mad Tosh.  Mr. Golfer and I will be traveling a bit this fall and I am getting projects lined up.  I made a dash over there yesterday to look at possibilities and walked out with this beautiful teal!  

This past weekend by BFF was here for a wedding and we had time to do a little yarn shopping as well, although we were over in Dallas.  That yellow just made my heart stop!  Looks just like butter.  A shawl is calling my name.  

But look at those last 2 pics.  Betsie (BFF) and her husband made a trip to the Shetland Isles this summer and I was able to choose the color of wool for my Hap Shawl.  I can't wait to begin this.  It was suggested to me today that I wind the wool into a loop and give it a lanolin bath prior to knitting.  I think that sounds perfect.

The last yarn is a skein of an additional wool picked up on their trip.  It has a totally different feel than the other.  Just enough for a possible cowl.

I think I have planned just enough to keep me busy!  See you tomorrow on Yarn Along!

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  1. good yarn...great friends.....it doesn't get any better!!!