Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fishing on the Madison River

Who ever would have thought that I would be floating down the river much less fishing!  Well we came to Montana to see Caitlin and Zach and this is their life.  This daughter of mine I raised in the city, who has dual Baccalaureate degrees in English and Spanish Literature and a Masters in Public Policy from the University of Chicago.  She now lives in a stunning part of the country and writes.  She spends her days looking at the biggest sky in the world and writing.  And fishing.....

Zach is a fishing guide and has led trips worldwide.  There is no one better to teach you than this young man.

We floated and fished 11 miles down the Madison.  I caught fish, held fish and then released them back.  Me!  I did this! So not my usual day.  

But this is vacation and Montana.  :)))


  1. Wanda! We've been to Montana a couple times, but never fished there... So wonderful that you were able to make the trip and enjoy new adventures while you were there! :)

  2. what an adventure! hope it all goes well; may God bless and protect you in this trip! <3

  3. Fantastic images. You are so rightly proud of your girl!!!!! Safe trip home.

  4. You look great on the river! Fly fishing is so much fun and relaxing. My favorite part of the country...Madison River. Seems we have more in common, I too was raised in Chicago, though I always knew I was not a city girl and moved out west 40 years ago, have not looked back since.