Tuesday, October 7, 2014

HDYDI. - Engagement Photos

I'm chronicling the wedding planning this year as our youngest daughter prepares to marry.  We've spent the last few weeks making phone calls and web searching for photographers and florists.

We are meeting with two photographers this week, but we really needed to get engagement photos taken so the Save the Date announcements could be ordered.

Our second daughter, Julia, took up photography as a hobby a few years ago, so she and a friend spent much of this last Saturday with the couple.

Part of the photos were taken at the Kimbell Art Museum here in our city.  It is world renowned and a beautiful space both inside and out.  The other part of the pics were taken out on Eagle Mountain Lake where the groom to be parents have a cabana.  The picture above was from the sunset that evening.

Hopefully by the end of the week we will have all our vendors in place!

****. Edited to say..... When I first posted this my daughter had not made the pictures public.  I have now added one of the photos!

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  1. absolutely perfect picture and that her sister was the photographer!! fabulous