Monday, October 27, 2014


This past weekend was a blur.  We had a birthday and as you know Ginny hosted a giveaway for Drawstrings and it was a huge success.  

Granddaughter Rachel turned 2 on Saturday and we all gathered for a party.  It appears that immediately upon the calendar turning that she knew exactly what "no" meant and all of a sudden could climb over the edge of the crib!  She keeps us all moving!  But what a precious child she is!

Thirteen bags were sold on Saturday alone!  My daughter, Elizabeth, and I were so busy, but what blessing it has been.  Many thanks to all who wrote such kind thoughts in the comments at Small Things.  Those of you already have one of my bags and were singing their praises!

The knitting fabrics I have been using seemed to be popular, but I also am always on the hunt for different patterns in all styles.  There are several on order at the moment, so please keep checking in frequently.  Remember, my button is on Ginny's sidebar as a sponsor!

I am also playing around with new packaging and tags.  Those of you receiving orders from this weekend will be part of this new presentation.  Be sure and let me know how you like it.  I am still searching for a larger bag, but I think I do like the clear bag over the tissue.

So today I am going to be busy re-stocking the shop!  I have posted several fabric combinations just to let you know that sewing is happening. When they are complete I will substitute pictures.  For now.... I am off to,the post office!!


  1. lovely birthday party photos!!!

  2. happy birthday!! What a sweetheart of a girl :) Glad you had a good busy weekend!