Thursday, January 8, 2015

Baby It's Cold Outside!

It seems much of the United States is under a blanket of cold this week. Here in North Texas we dipped down into the upper teens last night. For us that is cold and we are expecting some freezing sleet or snow in the next couple of days. That does not set well with me as we have a big party planned for Saturday night, but we will just see what unfolds and roll with it. 

I'm expecting the oven repair man here at any moment. We have been without an oven since Saturday night and have been living on leftovers and stovetop meals so it will be nice to cook up something hot in the oven this evening.

While I'm waiting I took the opportunity to whip up this pillow for the family room sofa. I love Buffalo check and I finally found some in the blue that matches my house. Unfortunately, thinking that a 54 inch fabric would get me two pillows, it did not and so now I'm having to order another yard. But I went ahead and made the first one this morning and I love the way it looks. I'm hoping in the future I can afford to order enough to do the drapes in this room as well.

 I also am beginning another Honey Cowl. I got so many compliments on the green one that I decided to do something in a neutral. I have no idea who's yarn this is. I know it is a merino because of the way it feels but there was no ballband left in either of the three skeins. But I know there's enough so off I go. Living dangerously!


  1. The cold has reached the coast of SC too Wanda, and while my family may not be pleased I am loving it.
    I love knitting the Honey Cowl [I have one in butter] and want to cast on another one myself. Have a grand time living dangerously!

    1. We are expecting snow on Saturday and I am throwing an engagement party that night!!!

  2. gorgeous yarn and we had to replace our stove a month ago. I was without a stove for 2 days and that drove me a little crazy!! Hope it's fixed as you read this.