Monday, February 16, 2015


It's cold here, but not nearly what most are experiencing.  In fact the temps have bounced around from warm to cold so much that many here have been ill, including me.  Lots of ragweed and mountain cedar in the air.  We are thankful that the temps ae not life threatening as in other parts and we pray for all those suffering.

My youngest daughter and I share a love of blue and white.  Blue Willow, transferware, and modern prints....we love all the combinations.  Each of us have our collections.  So when she announced that the wedding colors were navy and white I was ( pink).

Over the last months we have combined our collections and added many new pieces as these will be the centerpieces on the guest tables. They are everywhere in my house!  I keep finding places to put them so they are useful not just stacked under a table.

 The floral arrangements are to be blue and white hydrangeas with white roses with a trailing greenery yet to be decided.  These will cover 1/3 of the tables.  Two other style of centerpieces will grace the other tables.

We have spent time together grouping certain pieces and then photographing for the florist so she will know which to arrange together.  Some of the tables will have one large piece and others will have groupings of several.  The bride to be has it all worked out:)

Tomorrow is invitation day.  We have a good idea of what we want, but are going to spend some time looking carefully before placing that final order.  It's all in the details!

I ended up ordering another yard of the navy silk for the flower girl sashes.  I didn't plan that well.  But it is done and on its way.

And that blasted guest list and seating chart....... I'm having nightmares.


  1. hang in there

    the blue pottery ... how lovely lovely lovely!


  2. Love the blue and white idea, it all sounds lovely. Good luck, it's always crazy!

  3. Lovely blue & white collections! How fun to be picking out the invitations! All the best with the guest list and seating chart!

  4. That wedding sounds like it is going to be so beautiful! I love blue and white china, pots, anything!