Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Yarn Along ( and a raffle)

The secret knitting is really coming along.  The pattern is not very easy to memorize as a whole, but row by row it is.  Does that make sense?  I get several rows completed each day and so I am feeling confident it will be gifted on time.  Always a good thought during the process:))

Yesterday's post was one I had been hoping to write for a few weeks.  You may remember Elizabeth DeHority, the inspiration for my business, Drawstrings.  Elizabeth is losing a battle with serious cancer.  The story is in the linked post as well.

There is a raffle going on that includes a pair of handknit socks and hand dyed yarn by Elizabeth and a Drawstrings bag made to match.  When you click on the link in yesterday's post you will be taken to the web page to donate.  When you donate you are entered into the raffle.

I cannot think of a more wonderful way to use the treasure of money than to support these families.


  1. I could not think of a more worthy cause to donate to right now. If I end up winning those will be my most treasured socks. Even though I did not personally know Elizabeth she sounds like an incredible woman who has done so much in her lifetime.

    1. Thank you Donna for the gift of yourself and your resources!

  2. God bless her!!! and this cause!!

  3. Done! Thanks so much for sharing about this. :)

  4. your secret knitting is beautiful and again I wonder who it is for, I'm sure you will tell us soon :)