Friday, March 13, 2015

Greening Up!

It's the middle of March and I know many of you are still buried under snow and the temps are still subfreezing. North Texas weather is so fickle.  When we get intense winter weather it is usually short lived, but it comes with a vengeance. For the most part it is now gone.  Still cool, but mostly pleasant to be outside.

I did some strolling through the mess of my garden.  It has taken such a  beating the last two years with the heat.  I hope this summer I have time to really clean it out.

The peonies are popping up and I hope the blooms are plentiful.  Look at that flowering quince.  This is the first year to have so many buds.  Little bits of this and that peaking up.  The St. Joseph lilies always surprise me at how fast the bloom and how long the flowers stay.

I love having a seasonal flag out front of the house.  We moved it off the house itself and onto the front tree so it was more visible.  I have a flag for every month an special occasions town in as well.

Enjoy your weekend!  Mr. Golfer and I have another dance lesson:))

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  1. how lovely! plants and greenery are just so encouraging! :))) blessed weekend!