Monday, March 23, 2015

Weeds,Leaves and Humility

In online spaces we tend to only want to show the pretty, positive, and the good. We want to show our best and beautiful.  This time of year my yard is anything but pretty or beautiful.  The flowers are budding, but the weeds are popping up all over and that  wicked tree in the front yard is dropping leaves everywhere.  The garden is not a pretty sight. Just like my heart.

This morning after mass I went to confession. I was able to have a nice long time with our priest.  As young as he is, he has some great insight.  When I arrived home the sun had opened up and I took some moments to capture these pictures.  As I was shooting these pictures it dawned on me the similarity to my confession these weeds and leaves are.

We don't want others to see the ugly or bad.  It's humbling to show our our yards or in our hearts.Yet if we don't humble ourselves before each other are we really humbling ourselves before God.  Aren't they the same?  Can we confess our sins and still be proud among our fellow man?  My heart says no.

So this year as I pull the weeds and sweep the leaves I'm going to also clean my heart as well as my garden.  Frequent confession, daily mass and and continuing to offer love to those around me.  I've never had this opportunity before and I believe God has called me to this time.


  1. we are blessed to have the sacrament of confession!

  2. Joining with you on cleaning my heart as well as my garden. Thank you so much for sharing this!