Friday, June 12, 2015


Just so much happening around here my friends.  So little time to write, but oh so many tasks to complete.  All complicated by the fact that my soon to be married daughter's puppy was hit by a car on Thursday and is critical.  Fractured pelvis, punctured lung, and other injuries.  She will heal, but surgery is in the plans next week to repair the fractures and hopefully the chest tube can come out Monday.  This has put a stall on her planning and put more on my plate.

My best friend arrives today!  Even as a I write she is flying.  Lots of sewing should get done these next few days ( I hope).  There is also the first bridal shower and 3 other parties for 3 other people.  An exhausting weekend coming up.

Just wanted to give you a peak.  That car...... A gift from a very special friend.  Mr. Golfer, the bride, and myself will take our last ride together to the church in a 1941 Packard limousine:). Such a sweet friend who has been through all 3 weddings with us and has gifted each daughter with something special.  He and his wife are very dear to us.

I also have grandchildren 3 days a week this summer and we are staying busy with all our beautiful city has to offer.  The zoo is a favorite and we spend a lot of time their.  Wednesday mornings are story time at the library.  Yes, that is a little harness on Rachel.  She does tend to run and this grandmother can't any more.  Mr. Owl has become our friend.

Have a great weekend!!!!!

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  1. wow! God give you strength! So so sorry about the puppy. Lord have mercy. Much love. God bless and keep you!