Friday, June 19, 2015

Mixing in the Kitchen

Why did it take me so long to figure this out?  All my years of cooking ( up until the last couple) I cut  and mixed as I was taught by my mother.  But I have a helper she did not.  My mixer.

I bought my first Kitchen Aid Mixer in the early '90s.  It was on lay away at Kmart for months.  We had 4 daughters under 10 in Catholic school which meant we had no money to spare.  That mixer lasted me 23 years.  When the motor went out and was too expensive to repair, I looked into replacing it only to find that the cost had almost doubled.  After much researching  I found the Kitchen Aid outlet that had refurbished mixers.  I was able to replace mine with the next step up which had a larger bowl and motor.  Bet of was the same price I had paid for the first one 23 years before!

So why is it so wonderful?  Anything I would chop by hand or mix by hand now goes in the mixer.  My chicken breast are shredded, and salads such as tuna or chicken are mixed there.  No more chopping eggs for tuna!

Some use their food processors and I do have one.  But I am always scared of cutting myself on that blade.  It would has happened.

Do you have a favorite worker in the kitchen?  Share?


  1. I love my kitchenaid mixer too! :) and my blender to make smoothies!

  2. I love using my kitchenaid mixer too! My favorite kitchen helpers are my kids, but they're not really all that helpful yet :) But someday these days will earn their reward! :)