Thursday, July 2, 2015



I know it's not the same cardinal, but I love knowing that every summer one will show up at the feeder.


Granddaughter Rachel was very content to play on her own today.  She usually wants to be right where brother is.  It sure made for a peaceful day.


Patrick absolutely loves legos.  We added a small set to the collection today and he played alone for hours.


Only 82 days to go.  My dining room has become the hub of activity.  I spent most of yesterday putting stamps on invitations and sorting through all the various pieces.  I knew from our oldest daughter's wedding that square invitations were more pricey to mail. This one though is a larger size meaning more stamps!  Crazy!

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  1. I remember the excitement of stuffing wedding invitations with my mom & sisters like it was yesterday! Such special memories.
    As much as I love when my boys play nicely together, there is such a peacefulness about the home when they are separately engaged in their own imaginative play.

  2. How fun! We just hosted our oldest son's wedding at our homestead on May 30th - such a special time.