Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Yarn Along

Yes, I've missed some days here.  It's crunch time for this wedding with only 52 days to go.  We are meeting or talking or emailing with vendors daily and gathering the last of the needed items.  My dining room looks like a warehouse!

There has been little time for knitting.  Under that white paper is the completed and blocked " secret knitting".  Next week I can reveal it all to you because Saturday is gifting day, the last shower.

The flower girl dresses are almost complete except for hems.  I should have all the sashes together by the end of this week.  I think their simplicity is precious.  Just let the preciousness of the little girls shine though.

Last week was my birthday and I received a most wonderful gift.  Before I learned to knit, I cross stitched for a hobby.  I have as many charts as I do yarn!  My oldest daughter also shared this passion and is just amazing in her skill.  This project above was one I had begun and then put away like so many others.  Going through some boxes I found it and shared with Elizabeth that one day I would like to have this complete.  It reminds me of Maine, a state I dearly love.  Imagine my utter surprise when this was gifted to me last week.  Other family members had helped with the cost of framing and it is just stunning!  Im still feeling very unworthy.

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  1. can't wait for the mystery knitting reveal! lovely dresses! wow, what a lot of work! God bless you!!!

  2. The dresses look gorgeous, simple and elegant. Looking forward to the reveal.

  3. The dresses are beautiful and I love the cross stitch.

  4. Oh what a lovely gift! I love the dresses too, you're so talented!

  5. I'm always pleased to read how much you love Maine. I've lived here my whole life (with the exception of 3 years in Texas) and this beautiful piece of art is very reminiscent of our beloved Maine coastline. We are heading to Kettle Cove (Cape Elizabeth) today for my youngest daughter's senior picture session. Happy belated birthday and best wishes from Maine!