Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Yarn Along Wednesday

This is my first Yarn Along!  Thank you Ginny for the opportunity!  There are two projects on the needles.  The Demiluna Shawl is the top photo. Being knit for our Canada trip this summer so I have a little something to cover my shoulders.  I am using  Cascade Yarn Sunseeker.  The garter rib edging will be knit in the gray colorway that has the turquoise metallic thread through it.  Should be lovely!

Second pic is for the newest grandchild due in September.  Excuse me for not linking to it, but there may be some sneek peeking going on.  :)

I don't know yet how to substitute the name of the pattern into the link.  If anyone can lead me through that I would appreciate it!

I am reading a terrific book called The Last Runaway by Tracy Chevalier.  Emigrant Honor is a Quaker who has come from England to America with her sister who is to be married. After arriving, her sister dies of yellow fever and Honor finds herself living with the man her sister was to marry.  An accomplished quilter, Honor makes her way in a country foreign to her.  I am about half way through and thoroughly enjoying it.  Any book with needlework captures me.

I have been snapping lots of pics with the new camera and reading the 8 million page manual!  I am with the granddaughters today, so look for pics in the upcoming days of life with 3 under 3!


  1. Sounds like you are enjoying your empty nest. I believe I am busier with the empty nest(oldest child has moved in temporarily) then before. Your knitting is gorgeous and I love the colors.

    visiting from ginny's yarn along

  2. Yarn Alone is so much fun! You'll be back every Wednesday.
    If (like I think) you are using Blogger, you'll find a little icon called "Link" in your toolbar. To insert a link, you write down what you want to see (in this case, the pattern name), select it, press "Link" and a dialogue box will open, asking you for the url. That's all there is to iy!!

    1. Thank you for the explanation! I will trying that very soon. Mind if I ask for help if I get stuck?

  3. I just finished that book! It was a really good read. We love books around here, and both my younger daughter and I are "yarn addicts". At least we still have something in common, even though she is a teenager

  4. I have a notes app on my phone and I've been trying to write a list of books that people mention on Yarn along that look like I might want to read them. Handy for those quick library stops! Or when I request interloan books online, as well. Is she the author of that whole series of quilter's retreat books? I think maybe she is cuz that sounds like a familar name.
    Lovely knitting. I'm mid nest with a college grad, a 3rd year college, looking at dental schools, a high school senior and a HS freshman. My life is shifting and I enjoy knitting and sewing/quilting. It is nasty cold and snowy here in western NY state and I'm busy until April 15th and then - look out craft room! Here I Come!! Keep doing the yarn along. I've missed them, but even when I'm not posting, I spend a lot of time checking up on what others are doing. Once you do that linking thing a few times you'll be an old worries. See you next week?!?!?

  5. in your profile pick, all the women are wearing matching color scarves/cowls.. did you make them all? that looks great!

  6. No, I bought them for the girls.
    They aren't knitted.