Friday, April 26, 2013

Thursday on Friday

Yesterday was busy, full, fun and oh so tiresome.  But, oh how I love these little ones.  I don't have all 4 on a regular basis, but yesterday, due to a baby checkup and a possible ear infection, I did.  And we came to my house because the Dr. is near. These guys love being together!

Lunch time with my beginning of gathering knitting for the weekend trip.

They were just moving around and being so busy it was hard to capture!

Rachel had 6 mos. shots  and was more comfortable not being up in the high chair, but making enough noise not to be left out!

The morning began cool, but warmed up as typical here in Texas.  It was lovely to be outside and soaking up sun.  Much of the yard has not been tidied up from winter, so just look at the lovely children and not the weeds and brush!

Patrick is all boy! He loves Cars and all the different car characters.  For some reason, my garden cart has become Garbage-a-Don.  That must be a character from the movie?  He pushes it and fills it with anything he can find.


I got teary eyed when I was looking at this picture.  That rose bush behind Lilah is the one that turned yellow when my mother, Lilah's great grandmother passed away.  Lilah is the spitting image of her mother, my oldest daughter, and my oldest daughter is the mirror of my mother.  Red hair, full lips..just reminds me of my mother every time I look at both of them.

This beauty is her daddy.  Put them next to each other and be amazed. 

I have never seen a family where the children are just these little perfect images of the parents.  They have baby #3 due in Sept., so we are all very curious about this one!

Don't leave me out, Grandmother!  Pretty girl!

We are off for a weekend jaunt.  NEEDED!   Look forward to a Monday of Weekending.  I figured out the Linkup feature, so Monday should be a party!


  1. Yesterday did finally warm up nicely but the rain today has made it feel too chilly again - come on true Spring weather for Texas!
    The kids are so precious, enjoy your weekend!

  2. What precious little ones! I'm looking forward to your Monday post.

  3. I have a garden cart just like yours! It is anxious to get outside again. I thought after church today, I could get a hand from my 15yr old screwing together our new raised beds for my Raspberries that arrived on Thursday. I can do the filling-with-dirt myself. Its the awkwardness of the size and a kid that really gets into that...but it's raining, so I'm stalling a bit..
    Your lucky to have all the great helpers...Can't help you with Garbage-a-don...I'm too long out of the loop!!
    Have a good week