Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekending Vol 2

I began this series last week with the hope of having others link up to it.  My goal is to have a post of mainly photos with little text.  Just a recap of the weekend in pictures.

I must though preface these photos with explaining that this was a weekend trip Mr. Golfer and I took to San Antonio. We stopped in Georgetown to pop in on our 3rd daughter, Caitlin, who you see in the first pic.  She is a Policy Analyst for Sen. Shwertner.

 I was also able to visit the Divine Mercy Mission in New Braunfels and capture the chapel there.

Hopefully the link up feature will work!

Mr. Golfer and I are on the right with our host and hostess.


  1. I love that garden, looks like a great time (especially with a yarn shop thrown in)

  2. Your pictures are beautiful. I always enjoy visiting San Antonio.

  3. good friends.....great weather.....beautiful photos!

  4. It was a great getaway from our routines too.