Sunday, April 14, 2013

What I Wore Sunday......and the garden...

What I Wore Sunday linkup
Linking up today with Fine Linen and Purple for another What I Wore Sunday.  I truly must say I am not good at this.  And Mr. Golfer who is taking the pictures is very uninterested.  Or actually he is interested, but I'm not quiet ready to tell him what these are for.  " Women showing what they wore to church, honey."  " Why?"  " Well, .....because we like to see what others wore to church, honey." As he shakes his head..."Oh."
The first thing I must do is teach him how to take a shot that doesn't acentuate some "special" parts.  You know, when you have had 4 babies and been preganant 8 times, and are gently passed middle age, their are places that don't sit where they used to!
I am a Loft and Talbots shopper, but I NEVER buy anything at full price.  Unless I have a coupon in hand I don't set foot in the door.  I also frequent their outlet stores on my trips south to see daughter #3. 
Skirt: Talbots - love linen!
Shoes : Talbots - last year end of season 75% off
Top : Loft
Cardigan : Loft 50% off this year
I really love these shoes.  I don't wear much of a heel any longer, so these tny wedges gift me just a little lift ( could use it in other places!)

They zip up the back which makes getting into them easy peasy!
Also, the garden is taking off big guns.  You just must see what has happened in the last day of so.
These Iris have been in my garden since before we moved here.  We have been in our house 25 years this June.  I have divided and tried to conquer, but they are here to stay.  I must say what I didn't like 25 years ago has begun to "grow" on me.
Another week and the peonies will be bursting open.  These are the plants that came from Montcello 18 years ago.

The ivy along the front path is soooo green and shiny.  Must keep it trimmed back this year so we don't feel strangled as in the past.
The Easter flag, as promised, continues to fly.  Today's gospel reading was the familiar story of Peter in the boat with his apostles when they could not catch any fish.  Jesus is standing on the shore instructing them to cast their nets on the other side.  The priest said in his homily that any time we read about Peter and his Apostles in Scripture it is a direct reference to Jesus and His Church.  This really got me pondering about all the places we read about Peter.  I must do a search now.  I am excited to see how many I can find and the meanings behind each.
This week should be quieter than last, but I will say that emotionally it is going to be rough.  April 17th is the 5th anniversary of my mother's death.  I have a long post I am working on.  Come back and see me. :)


  1. I think you look great, and I really envy your garden.

    I've just never told my husband why I need photos taken of my outfit every Sunday. He's never asked.

    1. Thank you and thank you! Love that he has never asked!

  2. Too funny! You mean your husband doesn't read your blog? Love your outfit. The first thing I noticed was your great shoes. We need to shop together since I LOVE Talbots and Loft...and sales! (And both of them have great sales.) And the flowers are gorgeous too.

    1. Ah Kelly, I have known for a while that we are kindred spirits! You find the vacation site and I will pack the clothes!

  3. You look really pretty and so do your iris blooms.

  4. I love irises and I love peonies even more, but I don't live where they grow (I'm in a desert in Mexico). Seeing your photos of a garden full of these lovely flowers gives me joy. Come visit me at athousandgeneration.blogspot to see what a garden on the Tropic of Cancer is like!