Friday, April 19, 2013

When it Comes in Threes

How do you even begin to come to terms witht the events of this week?  They say, " things come in three's".  This week they did.  And two of them hit very close to home.

The terrorist event in Boston was horrific.  People dying this way anytime is unimaginable, but when you involve children , it becomes sickening. I cannot even begin to fathom what the responders must have felt and will feel forever, because these images do not go away. Some have said," this is the new normal in our country."  I pray earnestly that it is not.

Here is Texas we have had 2 events play out.  I live almost center between them both.  And they are both tragic in their own way. 

In the last few months, a District Attorney and then an Assistant District Attorney and his wife have been murdered.  Gunned down in cold blood.  This week the arrest of a former Justice of the Peace and his wife for the murders caught all off guard and left in schock.  What makes people do this and why?

Then just last night the explosion in West just 50 miles south of me.  I cry for these families who have lost members so violently, and I cry for the town that will literally have to rebuild in every sense of that word.  I have been thorugh West more times that I can count.  It is on a major Interstate that runs to Austin.  One of my daughters went to school and lives currently in Austin, so our trips there are frequent.  We stop at the Czech Bakery every time we go through.

God brings good from evil.  This I know.  I have seen it so many times.  Pray with me for those involved, our country, the division in our country, families, responders, leaders, and re-builders.  Pray for strength, courage, faith, and understanding.  Pray.

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