Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Yarn Along and Mother

Even though today is a thoughtful day for me, and I say thoughtful because I don't want to say emotional, I will still begin by linking up with Ginny for the weekly Yarn Along.

I have begun a new shawl for the trip.  The Kudzu Shawl has been on my list for a few years.  I really like the crescent shaped shawls for summer days when you don't need warmth except on the shoulders and upper arms.  This one I am knitting with Madeline Tosh  Calligraphy.  This is actually the Twist and not just DK.  I am hoping that it softens up after a good bath.  It seems a little " plasticky" while knitting.

I'm not reading anything exclusive at the moment.  I have been doing research on my bible study where we are about to complete Genesis. 

Today though is really about my mother.  And what is really important about today are yellow roses.

When my mother and step father married I was 13. My own father died when I was 9.  My mother carried yellow roses in her ceremony and when I married I carried them as well.  They were special to us.
In 2006, we removed a swimming pool from our yard and had the hard scape for a garden installed.  I planted roses of varying colors, but could not find the right yellow.  One of my favorite bushes was a white one that sat center back in the garden.
On the day we buried my mother, I took a morning walk down the path that passed the white bush, but something was not right.  I stood and looked at it not believing what I was seeing.  Those roses were not white.  They. were. YELLOW.  I sank to the ground.  Feeling surrounded by the love of my mother and the love of my God, I cried.  She was here.  She would always be here.  These pictures above were taken in the last few days.  That bush remains yellow.  :)

This past weekend my youngest daughter took a short trip that included a stop at a garden center.  When I returned home on Monday evening, this sat on my back porch.

There are no words.




  1. It's a sign for sure that your mother is at peace and wants the same for you--joan

  2. Lord have mercy! He is so GOOD to us! Lighting a candle for you and your Mother today. May God remember her in His Kingdom!!

  3. Hugs and prayers! Beautiful roses! ~MaryK

  4. It is wonderful when you feel the love of those who have passed.
    Your shawl is lovely.

  5. Beautiful shawl, beautiful roses, beautiful sentiment... thank you for sharing.