Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A little view of my sewing room ( before the fall!)

When we were at our daughter's house for the party, I acquired another book shelf.  I had been in need of a little more storage in my sewing room, so I was excited to say, "yes"!

I know not everyone has a sewing room and I am thankful for the space.  It did use to be a bedroom when the girls were growing up and truthfully, it would be nice to have that room again for the grandbabies.  With 4 and another on the way there is never enough room to put them all down to rest when they are here.  But, as much as I love those little ones, Mama needs her space!

This room has the best light in the house.  An east and south facing window.  But, it doesn't make for great pics.

This is the majority of my yarn collection. I am in the middle of moving part of it, so this is a messy pic.

Here is that same wall after the rearranging. I sort out my yarn by color instead of fiber.  I tend to be drawn to planning projects that way so it works.

On the top are knitting novels, needlework I did years ago, and old needles given to me by friends that belonged to their mothers. ( I love that).

On the far corner is my smocking pleater. When the girls were small, I smocked everything they wore!  I could make an outfit a week, and since I wasn't working outside the home in those early years, I did!  I do wish my girls saw this for the art it is and the history it created.  They are not as excited about having their daughters in those dresses.

Knitting novels and needles.

Knitting books for baby items. The majority of what I knit these days!

Sock yarn!  Oh how I love hand knitted socks!  Pure luxury!

I moved the sewing table to the opposite wall of where it was.  I love the machine to face the south window.  That window is on the south side of the house and faces the street.  It is nice to sit and sew and watch the comings and goings of the neighborhood.  This is my original Bernina that my father in law bought me in  1990.  I gave it to one of my daughters in 2003 and replaced it with a newer model.
That newer model needs a new computer which is going to cost a pretty penny.  So daughter has let me borrow that original machine for a while.  I don't think they ever made a better Bernina than the 1130.

The Bernina serger needs threading which takes sooooo much patience.  But I do use it and am thankful It is there.

The 3rd wall has a work table.  The yarn swift sits here when in use and I also spread out projects on this space.  It rarely looks this neat! 
Above it on the wall is this:

This arrangement was part of the cleaning I did yesterday.  The bottom shelf is all Pima Cotton. It is one of my favorite yarns to knit with. I am working on My Favorite Things Infinity Scarf which will use most of that yarn.
The top shelf is actually divided between Vintage and Spa.


This is the newest shelf and it holds all my Knit Picks yarn.  This is mostly Comfy and Shine.  They are both Pima Cotton which is like butter through my fingers.  What is that on the bottom?  That my friends is mop yarn!  We have good friends who own a factory that produces brooms.  This is yarn that was going to be thrown out and was rescued by me!  It is all cotton and will make wonderful bath mats!

This pink Depression Glass Biscuit Jar blonged to my maternal grandmother.  The lid cracked years ago during a move, so it now holds sewing trinkets.

There is my swift up on the wall.  It makes sense to keep it off the table until needed.  I really prefer the Amish swift to the Umbrella swift.  I have been known to be banned from the umbrella swift in my LYS!


This, dear friends, is a treasure!  When I married into my husband's family, I was captivated by a sewing rocker my mother in law had.  It was armless and had this little drawer that slid out from underneath to hold scissors and needles.  Over the years I would sit in that rocker on each visit and mother said I was welcome to it when she passed.  Dear friends, please get words like that in writing!  When mother did pass and the home was divided, I did not get that rocker.  Mr. Golfer and I were on a college trip with one of the girls and the rocker went to another family member. I was crushed.

What you see above was a 50th birthday surprise from my daughters.  The bought an antique rocker and had a friend construct that dear little drawer underneath.  I cried.  What thoughtful girls who knew the ache in my heart.  I treasure that rocker and it has a prime place in my little room.

Have you ever seen a rocker like this?  You can look on Ebay and there are a few, but they are costly!  I look every time I am at an antique mall.  The girls tease me for reaching down under every little sewing rocker, but I catch them doing it as well!  Shhhhhh!

A view from the door which shows that south window, more mop yarn, a broken machine and mending!  But, I love this room.
Now, shortly after I completed cleaning in here, Mr. Golfer and I took a walk.  We were strolling hand in hand through the neighborhood looking at the houses and remarking on landscapes.  Next think I know I am face down on the pavement.  I am the biggest klutz in the world!  I am pretty banged up.  My left leg is very sore this morning, but I am walking.  We are due to be on a plane in 48 hours and nothing is keeping me from this trip!
Pray for healing my friends!


  1. I'm sorry you were hurt and hope you get better soon. Your sewing room is really nice with wonderful light. Your chair with the drawer is such a good idea. What a thoughtful gift. Let that be a lesson to us to be specific in our wills.

  2. Can you see my face????........I am totally totally green with envy (no, not about the tumble.....I do that unceremoniously a bunch on my own!)---but that room!!!! Oh, Wanda!!! What a treasure you have there!!!!!!

    Funny, I 'cleaned' out my yarn space---(closet)---this weekend, too!

    1. Thanks Stephanie! It is a great space and I feel blessed to have it! Would love to see yours!

  3. Hi there. I enjoyed reading about your sewing room. I hope to get mine that organized one day. Working a little on it every day. I, too, have an older Bernina that my husband bought me about 25-30 years ago. It's the best! It sews like a dream. My daughter and daughter-in-law both love it. It's so much better than the newer machines they sew on. We are so lucky with our machines, aren't we? They are so expensive now. I will be knitting my first set of socks very soon. Do you have a favorite pattern and what are your favorite yarns to use? I'd love to know. Also, I just finished a book, The Kitchen House, and I thought it was just wonderful. Heartbreaking, but so good. It's about the owners and slaves in a large mansion and all the things that happened to them throughout the years. Some sad, but realistic, and history. Just a suggestion, since you seem to like to read. Sorry to hear about your fall. I've done it myself. haha Have a nice trip (vacation) ;) Mona

  4. Hi Mona! Thank you for the sweet comments! I love that Bernina! My newer one has the embroidery feature which I love so I really am going to have to spend the money to repair it.

    My email is in the upper right sidebar. If you will send me a message I will give you a direction on socks! The book sounds wonderful! I will look for it at the library on my next trip.

  5. Very nice! My space is 1 basket and a few cubby holes in the coffee table! :) I sure hope you feel better soon ~ Lord have mercy ~ I've taken some spills too, they can really leave you feeling a bit shaken. Safe trip! May your Guardian Angel go with you!

  6. The first photo of your big shelves looks so much like my space for yarn and books - I feel right at home! I love all your details, ESPECIALLY the sewing rocker. What a treasure! That's how I felt about not having a treadle sewing machine and then finally getting one (courtesy of my DH) after 20 years or so. And I totally agree about sorting yarns by colors - it makes it much easier to see what gaps you might have!