Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Yarn Along ( packing version)

Frogging has never been my forte, but frog I did.  The cabled blanket for my grandson is history.  It was a complicated chart to read.  Every row was different and there was no row of plain knit or purl to relax in between.

I have begun again.  This time the Lace Braid Blanket in Spa.

The yarn is a sea foam color and although it has the cabled look, it is just the combination of knits and purls that make it so.  Also, every other row is purled, so there is an opportunity to rest the mind.  I need that right now.  I am resting in God's sovereignty these days.  Trying to be a strong mama. If weakness with your children finds itself into your heart, read this When Strong Mamas feel quite weak.  This was written just for my heart.  I am sure of it.  God told me so. :)

The bedside table and every other space I go finds me with  this:

I am captivated.  Five stories centered around women of the Bible who are married to men in the direct line of Jesus.  Amazing reading.  I have read works by Francine Rivers before and enjoyed them.  This one I may have to purchase and keep around.

The summer blooms continue.

I love these day lilies.  The color combination is different from the standard yellow. Last year when we were in Maine you saw daylilies everywhere.  The groupings were gorgeous.  Although I have several in my back garden, I am now beginning to move some into the front garden to get that same effect.

This is the second of the Abelias. White version.

Mr. Golfer and I are departing on his annual golf trip tomorrow.  Early.  Very early.  It is one of those 3 am rising times.  It is a 3 cups of coffee morning.

See that one little corner of the suitcase?  That is what is left for Mr. Golfer.  Hope he can make it fit!

Also beginning to pack the knitting carry on bag.  There are yarn shops involved in this trip and there must be room to bring it home!

Linking up with sweet Ginny at Small Things for Yarn Along.  What is on your needles?


  1. That's a very pretty lace pattern for a baby blanket. I hope it is easier than the first one. Your lilies are beautiful. Have a good trip!

  2. those day lilies make me miss our lilies when we lived in maine, so beautiful. enjoy your new blanket knitting, sometimes i think things just do not need to be that challenging. :)

  3. A trip that involves yarn shops? Oh, have fun!

    Blessings, Debbie