Sunday, May 19, 2013

Happy Anniversary!

Just a quick shout out to my dear husband, Mr. Golfer, today.  It is our 34th wedding anniversary!!  It is always humbling to me when I think of being married to this man longer that I have not.  Do you ever have those thoughts?

I was 22 and Mt. Golfer was 23 when we walked down the aisle.  Young by today's standards.  But what is most important about today is not us but this:

These are blessings.  Not a house, car, clothes, vacations, jewelry, etc....  These are gifts from God, not man.  There is no comparison and I would give my life for each of them. My greatest desire is that they follow in our footsteps and make their presence know before God in the Sacraments at every opportunity, and that these little, blessed souls know Christ in everything they do.  What more could any parent ask?


  1. Happy Anniversary - yes, I have those thoughts too. Like, I've been known by my married name longer than I was known by my maiden name.
    Love the family photo, especially the grey and yellow coordination - looks good!

  2. Happy Anniversary! You look beautiful in both pictures, and your family picture is precious!

  3. I love that family photo with all the women having the same scarf (in a wonderful color, too!). I've got you beat in the marriage department - 45 years this June, and I was only 18 when I got married! In fact, my husband had to have his father sign the marriage license since he was considered underage at 20. It's God's miracle that our marriage survived the first year or two, but now we can say we raised each other.