Thursday, May 16, 2013

{ P,H,F,R}

round button chicken

Linking up today with Aunt Leila at Like Mother Like Daughter for another addition of Pretty, Happy, Funny Real.

I have several entries for Pretty this week!  I only got to spend time with one of my daughters on Mother's Day.  So on Tuesday my youngest daughter kidnapped me and took me for a much needed pedicure.
I love the French tips because of the neutrality.  Then they don't clash with sandals.  I have a terrible time with calluses on my feet, so I try to have a professional do this about every 3-4 months.
My oldest granddaughter is in love with being a princess.  Specifically, Tangled, the remake of Rapunzel.  Her 3rd birthday is coming up the end of this month, so I am working on a dress and "hair" to surprise her with.  The underskirt is not yet attached in the picture below.
The spring blooms have pretty much faded and now the early summer flowers are raising up.
Echinacea runs fairly rampant in certain areas of the garden.  I didn't know when I planted it how prolific it was.  Make sure you put it in an area that is contained.
I love the Abelia.  I have two varieties although I don't know the name of either.  But it tangles in with the Lady Banks Rose so when the rose stops blooming the Abelia takes over.  It wraps itself around the area under the bird feeder and they love it!
The first Daylilly popped open today!  It is windy this evening, so I had a little trouble with a clear picture.  I am still experimenting with the options on the camera.
 I have a beautiful Autumn Clematis that I have tried to root over the years.  I never have much luck, but for some reason I hit pay dirt this week!  This length of vine rooted in a test tube in my kitchen window and has now been planted on the new trellis.  This time though I have to be diligent about keep it pruned as this vine gets out of control quickly!
One of my most favorite meals is a Chicken Caesar Salad from La Madeline.  Their chicken is roasted with a combination of herbs that is just mouth watering.  Not many people know that you can buy just the chicken and bring it home.  Mr. Golfer did just that this evening and we had a light meal. Perfect!


We have some very good friends whose business is to make brooms.  they buy broomcorn from Mexico and the handles from several different manufactures.  It is a very profitable business.  When we moved into our home 25 years ago they gave us a wonderful new broom as a housewarming gift. A wooden handle and real broomcorn. Over the years I have worn that broom down almost to the core.  We recently visited them in San Antonio and they presented us with a new broom!


These are the best brooms and I will give a shout out to PelRay International!
We live in the southern part of Tornado Alley and this is a turbulent time of year for us.  Although the rain has been scarce, when it does come it can be dangerous.  Currently, there are tornados to our west and heavy rains and hail are moving this direction.
This is a wall cloud with possible rotation about 50 miles from us.  I will be signing off and getting a closer look at radars.
But lastly, my daughter Julia is a big digital scrap booker and has a blog titled Life With the Sutterfields.  Pop over there and take a look at what the world of digital scrapbooking is all about.  She is a whiz at this!
Thanks Aunt Leila for another opportunity to share!
Update:  We are fine, but tornados hit hard just south of us.  6 have perished and many are missing.  Please pray for these families and the area as it recovers.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog so I could find yours! Love the visuals you've provided with photos although the one of the storm causes me anxiety! lol The one thing I dislike about this time of year is the potential for severe weather. Indiana has its share of tornadoes too.

  2. lots of fun here love the flowers, the dress... - but oh dear and how sad for the tornado :( Will pray, light candle...

  3. I love La Madeline also! I so enjoyed this edition of P,H,F,R! BTW, this is Kathy formerly of 9PeasInAPod - which is now 9peasMom. I had a little privacy scare but have fixed things and started over with a new blog. Good to see you again!

    1. I ws wondering what happened when I couldn't get to you! Good to see you again!

  4. Dear me! Praying you all are safe! Tornados have hit down within miles of us TWICE in the last three years and we DON'T live in "Tornado country"- I am now properly terrified of them.

    Your flowers are so lovely. We aren't quite there yet but I am SO ANXIOUS! We have lilacs though- and they are some of my favorite flowers!

    And that princess dress is SURE to be a hit! Well done!

  5. so sorry about the loss in your area....tornadoes are such scary things (a grandson has a total meltdown everytime the sirens go off, and we haven't ever gotten a direct hit)

    love the princess dress!!! what a seamstress!!!