Monday, May 20, 2013

Meeting Ann Voskamp! My 724th gift!

,Absolutely amazing! Tonight I can list as my 724th gift, meeting Ann Voskamp author of One Thousand Gifts.

I read Ann's book at the end of 2012 and was instantly captivated.  Not an easy read, it led me to places deep inside myself.  I identified immediately with the loss she experienced.  I cried as I saw so much of myself in her writing. I bought the devotional, then the DVD, and held a 5 week study of her series in my home.  She may have thought I was stalking her!  I wasn't.  I just finally had found someone who "got it".  Who used the words that were pressing on my heart. I started my own list and tonight Ann is my 724th gift!

There was an event in the DFW area this evening where Ann was a guest.  It was only through a small shout out on her Facebook page that I found out she would be here.  A friend of mine who had completed the study with me said she would go and drive!  Amen!!!!

She wore her "grace boots" to Texas!

Ann told the story of her writing the book.. her sister's death, her ulcer at 7, her years of cutting herself, being diagnosed with agoraphobia.  The writing of the book allowed her to see the gifts that God has given.  She has learned and is passing on to the world how to open our hands to receive the gifts and then to become the gift.

I am blessed to have had this opportunity.  Ann and I had emailed a few times and I follow her Facebook page and blog.  After the event, when we had an opportunity to meet, she knew who I was and I was humbled, then blessed.

And yes, Ann is a knitter, and I took her sock yarn!

During the event, we cannot loose site of the reality that many lost their lives today in more tornadoes. Just north of us in Oklahoma people, children, died today. 

Lord, please grant peace and your grace to the families hurting and suffering.  There are no words that can soothe right now.  But we pray for your peace, for your sovereignty, and for your plan.  Because only you know the plan and the reason.  Amen

This is our sky tonight at sunset, the tails of the storms that did so much damage today. We are due for more tomorrow.  Keep us in your prayers!

All's Grace.


  1. I saw that she would be here and I wanted to go so bad - I'm really happy you made it!
    (I think we must live really close to one another)

  2. how lovely! so glad for this blessing for you! :) keep us posted on your well being RE: storms... lighting a candle for you!

    1. We are under tornado watches! Keep lighting those candles!

  3. Thank you for sharing your world with me my friend! I'm blessed to know YOU!

    1. Oh! My sweet friend. The pleasure is all mine!

  4. what a special evening!!!